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IHAVE al­ways said Blab­ber is hu­man and just like each and ev­ery one of us, Yours Truly is in the fes­tive mood. The fes­tive sea­son is a time to show love, give and share. In the same mea­sure, Blab­ber will de­lib­er­ately shun the habit of peep­ing on the key­holes of your bed­room doors and for once, con­cen­trate on a mat­ter that has more to do with love for our kids.

Blab­ber was dis­turbed to hear of this other light­skinned lady who runs a pri­mary pri­vate school.

I mean the one who used to claim al­le­giance to a cer­tain po­lit­i­cal party as a way of try­ing to get un­due favours and re­sources.

She even tried through hook or crook or both to cling onto the party youth struc­tures even though we all known she has long reached her menopause stage.

Word reach­ing Yours Truly is that she is now fail­ing to pro­vide ba­sic ser­vices at this school, with chil­dren go­ing through their lessons while seated on the floor af­ter fur­ni­ture was at­tached.

She owes many ser­vice providers around the city in­clud­ing teach­ers at the school who have gone for months with­out their salaries.

As if that was enough, many of those who are owed are pro­cess­ing le­gal doc­u­ments to see more prop­erty be­ing at­tached not only at the school but even from her own home.

What dis­turbed Yours Truly the most is that the lady has a strong belief in the su­per­nat­u­ral as she oc­ca­sion­ally con­ducts rit­u­als at the school.

Re­cently, she ex­humed hu­man-like bones at the same premises and in­vited a tra­di­tional healer to con­duct some rit­u­als.

Given that she is a patho­log­i­cal liar, those close to her were only told that they were bones of a ba­boon.

If their par­ents have no love for their chil­dren by dump­ing them in the hands of this un­eth­i­cal and un­cul­tured lady, then Blab­ber cares!

A leop­ard and its spots

Blab­ber is sur­prised that this other self-styled prophet who has gone broke in re­cent months can never give up on his open sip shut mind ap­proach to sex­ual mat­ters.

I mean the short one who made the head­lines af­ter be­ing in­volved in neg­li­gent driv­ing cases.

Only last week, he sent a con­sid­er­able amount via mo­bile money trans­fer as Christ­mas Box to a slut from the same church.

What pains Blab­ber the most is that the guy is sur­viv­ing from hand to mouth and he still has the tenac­ity to fork out the lit­tle that he gets to har­lots around the city.

Can some­one tell this mo­ron to change his ways and start tak­ing good care of his faith­ful wife and chil­dren.

Spare us this silly wait­ress

There is un­cul­tured wait­ress who works at this other pop­u­lar food out­let where one will ob­vi­ously lick their fin­gers and eat­ing.

She has the same first name with that of South African fe­male singer who once sang about the need for small houses to let their lovers go home to see their chil­dren and family.

Our stupid wait­ress is chang­ing boyfriends like dirty un­der­wear and it ap­pears the boys are also naive that they just do not see the sex­ual shenani­gans of this shame­less thigh ven­dor.

Blab­ber is only wor­ried that as much as we love buy­ing our fast foods at this place, the same wait­ress frowns upon us and treats us clients as if we are ask­ing for a quickie in­stead of the scrump­tious chicken and chips.

For now, Yours Truly will not go fur­ther than this about this hope­less wait­ress.

For now, Yours Truly will not write about our pop­u­lar broke di­a­mond dealer and his re­cent es­capades. This is 2018 stuff.

◆ Blab­ber wishes you gen­tle read­ers a pleas­ant cross­over

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