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In Zimbabwe, very few dis­abled peo­ple know about their rights. Most of them think that their right is to beg for alms and those who are think­ing that they rep­re­sent us knows noth­ing about those is­sues at all. Mwana asin­ga­chemi anofira mum­bereko. — 0785 188 446.

The Town Clerk must en­sure that the Chikanga pay­ment of­fice has an EcoCash mer­chant code to fa­cil­i­tate pay­ment and avoid ratepay­ers los­ing a dol­lar as kombi fare to the Civic Cen­tre for such ser­vices. — Aloof.

My heart­felt grat­i­tude goes to The Man­ica Post staff for work­ing tire­lessly to give us hot news in 2017. Con­tinue the good work. — Ter­rence Mwedzi, Mutare.

Dr Made should be made to pay heav­ily for his greed­i­ness. Imag­ine deny­ing the dis­abled their right to walk by hid­ing wheel­chairs at his farm? He was sab­o­tag­ing the econ­omy and should be an­swer­able to that. — Tondo.

With the heavy rains now fall­ing, I want to ad­vice mo­torists and mem­bers of the public not to cross flooded rivers. — Tawanda Mh­langa.

Last week’s head­line story made in­ter­est­ing read­ing. Re­claim­ing our land was the best we did for our­selves and many gen­er­a­tions to come, but to just hold on to hectares of land with­out pro­duc­ing is so sad. It is with this in mind that we call upon Gov­ern­ment to speed up the land au­dit. Those who can­not use our birth right pro­duc­tively should be shown the exit door. Our econ­omy is agrobased and for it to take off, it has to be oiled by high pro­duc­ing farm­ers. By be­ing lazy, we al­low our de­trac­tors to laugh at us. Our land is our econ­omy. — 0777 696 915.

Su­per­mar­kets and butcheries should not mix beef and pork in the same fridge. Some of us do not eat pork. Also fish and goat meat should not be put in the same trays. Fish has this funny smell which at­tracts flies. Deter­gents should be used to clean butch­ery floor and trays, not just wa­ter. — Wor­ried Con­sumer.

We are in a new year and thanks to the Lord for the cross over. How­ever, a new year also brings new res­o­lu­tions. I have a res­o­lu­tion which par­ents should have, that is take your girl to school. As some­one who ad­vo­cated for chil­dren rights last year, it is wor­ry­ing to note that a lot of girls dropped out of school due to a num­ber of rea­sons. Pri­mar­ily poverty in the fam­i­lies. As a so­ci­ety, we should do all we can to keep girls in school. A girl who drops school is likely to be a teenage mother and in most cases she ends up sup­port­ing the child alone. Her child will also grow up in poverty. Let us keep them in school. — Touched Par­ent.

Thank you for the Mutare weather col­umn that you in­tro­duced last week. May you re­turn the here and there col­umn. — Adam, Dangamvura.

A coun­try is iden­ti­fied eco­nom­i­cal, so­cially and po­lit­i­cal by a na­tional cur­rency. Peo­ple are iden­ti­fied by first names and sur­names and thus ev­ery nation’s cur­rency is its iden­tity. USA dol­lars are not our own, thus the liq­uid­ity cri­sis we con­tin­ual have. Let us rein­tro­duce the Zim­bab­wean dol­lar. The dol­lar should came and com­pete with other cur­ren­cies on the in­ter­na­tional mar­ket. — Tawanda Mh­langa, Dangamvura.

Par­ents should mon­i­tor their teenage girls. Due to peer pres­sure many in­dulge in binge drink­ing, group par­ties and wild sex. Some of them are fre­quent­ing night-clubs. Our girls are now plea­sure seeks, for­get­ting that there is fu­ture for them. — 0777 696 915.

Cde Chino­timba should plough back some of his farm­ing prof­its to the com­mu­nity around his Chi­hoza Farm by re­ha­bil­i­tat­ing the road that passes through his prop­erty. The pre­vi­ous owner of the farm used to do that. Lead by ex­am­ple Com­rade. — War­rior, Daisy Hill.

We need to act swiftly to com­bat the spread of fall army­worm which de­stroyed most crops last year. — Love­moreKashawo, Harare.

The agri­cul­tural in­puts which are be­ing dis­trib­uted in Ton­ho­rai area of Chi­adzwa are be­ing abused by those with po­lit­i­cal power. Some peo­ple are not get­ting their fer­tiliser. It is be­ing taken for re­sale. May the au­thor­i­ties in­ves­ti­gate. — Con­cerned Vil­lager, Soko.

Zimbabwe now has hope in what our Pres­i­dent Em­mer­son Dam­budzo Mnan­gagwa preaches. H said no more to cor­rup­tion, be it in the public or pri­vate sec­tor and it is up to us to sup­port the coun­try’s lead­er­ship. We should all be peace­ful and tol­er­ant to di­ver­sity of views and ideas. We say thank you to Cde Mnan­gagwa for lead­ing by ex­am­ple. As Zim­bab­weans, we should con­tinue pray­ing for him to re­main strong.

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