Hit the ground run­ning in 2018!

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COM­PLI­MENTS of the new sea­son! Happy new year and wel­come to two thou­sand and eigh­teen, you heard me right yes, it is 2018. Ac­tu­ally, it is AD2018. Just to refresh your mem­ory a lit­tle bit, AD stands for Anno Do­mini and it is a short­cut for the Latin state­ment Anno Do­mini nos­tri Jesu Christi which means in English: “In the year of our Lord Je­sus Christ”.

So, this is two thou­sand and eigh­teen years in the year of our Lord Je­sus Christ and it is a great year in­deed.

The year 2018 is loaded with many good things for us, but there is a se­cret we should all know if we would like to ac­cess the good­ies that are hid­den in the year.

The se­cret is found in the book of Isa­iah 1:19, it says: “If you are will­ing and obe­di­ent, you will eat the good things of the land.” What a prom­ise! There are good things in the land and in the year, but only those who are WILL­ING and sec­ondly OBE­DI­ENT will en­joy those good things.

This is the great se­cret that will make all the dif­fer­ence in this year.

Just wish­ful think­ing alone will not give me the good I de­sire, but there must be a will­ing­ness to go for it and there has to be obe­di­ence to prin­ci­ples and de­mands of the game.

The year has al­ready started and it is in mo­tion, do not wait any longer.

Hit the ground run­ning, make up your mind and make things hap­pen in this year.

Do not de­lay in do­ing the things that you are sup­posed to do in or­der to en­joy 2018.

Do not pro­cras­ti­nate, just make up your mind and tell your­self I am will­ing and I am work­ing on it.

Those dis­ci­plines that you need for a bet­ter life start on them to­day.

Do not wait for next month, do those changes in your life to­day.

Wake up early, read more, pray more, work harder, work smarter, be more gen­er­ous, be more lov­ing and car­ing.

Do not pro­cras­ti­nate, do it now! It is you and I who will make this year a great year, not the num­bers and letters on the cal­en­dar hung on the wall, but the ac­tions that we are go­ing to take in this year.

This is the rea­son I am ex­hort­ing you not to de­lay, but to hit the ground run­ning.

While the year is just fresh, let us make it hap­pen, make those changes and ad­just­ments that need to be done in you and in­deed you will eat the good of the year.

Once again, the se­cret is be­ing will­ing and be obe­di­ent not just wish­ing.

May the year 2018 be the best of your years so far and may you en­joy all that the heav­ens have in store for you.

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