Dili­gence: A force to reckon with in 2018

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THE year 2018 has al­ready be­gun, and surely just as sand in an hour glass, the hours days and weeks of the year are slowly go­ing. This means we need to quickly re­cover from the fes­tiv­ity of yesteryear and make sure we make things hap­pen.

I am quite sure that many of us have writ­ten down some res­o­lu­tions and vi­sions for the year we need to and we so look for­ward to see­ing the res­o­lu­tions man­i­fest­ing.

Some of the res­o­lu­tions have been re­cur­ring on the list for a cou­ple of years now. Let me share with you a top se­cret that will help you see tick­ing off most if not all of the res­o­lu­tions in this year.

This se­cret is a tried and tested recipe which has taken or­di­nary com­mon and lowly peo­ple to the high­est of place and kept them there. I am not talk­ing about overnight suc­cess that is not sus­tain­able, but I mean suc­cess with a proven path and suc­cess that can be main­tained.

This is the se­cret that saw Thomas Edi­son bring­ing to the world a light bulb, and it is the same se­cret that saw the Wright brothers in­tro­duc­ing avi­a­tion to the world. Hon­estly if this se­cret and force has helped these men and many oth­ers to achieve great feats, it will not fail on you.

The se­cret I am talk­ing about is the in­domitable force of dili­gence, yes you heard that very well I mean DILI­GENCE. This is a force to reckon with in this year 2018 if you are re­ally se­ri­ous with tick­ing off some stuff from your res­o­lu­tions list.

Dili­gence is far greater than just hard work and its re­sults have caused some men and women to be mar­vels and won­ders. Dili­gence will be more than what nat­u­ral tal­ent alone can do.

The wis­est king to ever live Kings Solomon in his writ­ing in the book of Proverbs 21:5 Am­pli­fied Bi­ble Ver­sion says “The plans of the dili­gent lead surely to abun­dance and ad­van­tage, but ev­ery­one who acts in haste comes surely to poverty.” Not ev­ery­one’s plans will turn to abun­dance or profit, it is only the dili­gent peo­ple who will have their plans turn mirac­u­lously to an abun­dance and an ad­van­tage.

What is dili­gence then? An on­line dic­tionary de­fines it as “care­ful and per­sis­tent work or ef­fort”. Un­der­line the key words CARE­FUL and PER­SIS­TENT. I would like to sub­sti­tute care­ful with in­tel­li­gent or smart. For any res­o­lu­tion that you have listed for this year, first and fore­most you need to work at it in­tel­li­gently.

This calls for seek­ing knowl­edge and help in that area. We can not af­ford to live by guess work and trial and er­ror in this so­phis­ti­cated in­for­ma­tion age. Seek knowl­edge and ex­e­cute your plans care­fully, smartly and in­tel­li­gently.

Sec­ondly there is need for per­sis­tence. This is where the crux of the mat­ter is. How far and for how long are you will­ing to be work­ing on or to­wards that goal. This is where the losers and win­ners are sep­a­rated CON­SIS­TENCY !!!! So many peo­ple ex­er­cise and run a few days in a year, but what makes ath­letes is the con­sis­tency they put in the game. Work on that goal un­til you tick it off, do not do a half job, work on it con­sis­tently.

The in­domitable force of dili­gence is a force you need to reckon with this year and you will see won­ders in your life.

Pas­tor Joseph

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