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PART 4 SATANISM is the wor­ship of Satan. It orig­i­nated from USA in April 1966 with An­ton Szan­dor LaVey as its founder. Satanism uses the Baphomet as its trade­mark and copy­right. It has now spread from the USA to other na­tions where it is in­flu­enc­ing many peo­ple from teenagers to adults.

Satanists are rep­re­sen­ta­tives of Satan on earth. They get in­struc­tions from Satan or through his hi­er­ar­chi­cal or­der of lead­er­ship. The pri­mary goal of Satanists is to get peo­ple to wor­ship Satan and to lead many peo­ple to hell. Satanists are man­dated by their fa­ther the devil to kill, steal and to de­stroy. They are against Chris­tians and they try by all means to hin­der the preach­ing of the gospel of sal­va­tion. They also try by all means to stop peo­ple from be­liev­ing in God.

Satanists love wealth, el­e­va­tion, dom­i­nance and power. They can do what­ever it takes to get these things. They are puffed up by pride. Sur­pris­ingly we are see­ing these char­ac­ter­is­tics in prophets of to­day and we wonder if they are of God!

Witches and sor­cer­ers Witches and sor­cer­ers are peo­ple with mys­ti­cal pow­ers who prac­tice witch­craft and sor­cery. Through div­ina­tion they can fore­tell the fu­ture. They can proph­esy. They can also pro­nounce a curse or a bless­ing.

Witches and sor­cer­ers are driven by ha­tred and jeal­ousy. They can kill not be­cause they want to gain some­thing from the peo­ple they killed. They sim­ply kill out of ha­tred or jeal­ousy. In Shona this is what we call ‘shaisano’. Witches are de­lighted in mak­ing and see­ing other peo­ple suf­fer.

They are good at reap­ing the hard labour of oth­ers. For ex­am­ple, you will be sur­prised to see some­one work­ing hard and earn­ing money but at the end of the day noth­ing is done by that money. On the other hand, you will see some­one who is not work­ing at all but is hav­ing a lot of money and ac­cu­mu­lat­ing wealth. This is a clear sign of witch­craft at work. Witches and sor­cer­ers are good at in­flict­ing sick­nesses and dis­eases on their tar­gets through spells and curses. They ruin peo­ple’s lives by caus­ing mis­for­tunes and even death. They break mar­riages by caus­ing mis­car­riages, bar­ren­ness and house­hold con­flicts. They block suc­cess and fi­nan­cial break­throughs in peo­ple’s lives. They feel happy to see the peo­ple they tar­get lan­guish­ing in prob­lems and poverty. They do all this out of ha­tred and jeal­ousy. In short, the heart of a witch is full of jeal­ous.

How peo­ple are drawn

into witch­craft

Many peo­ple to­day find them­selves in­volved in witch­craft but they do not know how it hap­pened. The an­swer is sim­ple. In many cases witch­craft is passed on to a per­son through con­sult­ing fa­mil­iar spir­its, for­tune tell­ers, di­vin­ers or n’an­gas/san­go­mas.

These di­vin­ers will give you tra­di­tional medicine known as muti to solve your prob­lem. In most cases, the muti given by these work­ers of dark­ness will have terms and con­di­tions which are to be ob­served.

It is through try­ing to ob­serve the terms and con­di­tions as­so­ci­ated with the muti that will cause peo­ple to be in­volved in witch­craft. If the terms and con­di­tions as­so­ci­ated with the muti are not fol­lowed then the muti will trans­form into some­thing that will push the owner into deep witch­craft.

In some in­stances, the muti will start de­mand­ing blood at a cer­tain given time of the month or year and you will see the owner of the muti shed­ding blood. In other cases, the muti will de­mand its owner to sleep with dif­fer­ent men or women at a cer­tain time of the month or year.

They do these evil things be­cause they want to pre­serve the so­lu­tion promised to them by for­tune tell­ers, nanga’s/san­go­mas whom they con­sulted. There are peo­ple to­day who did not want to be witches or sor­cer­ers but be­cause they vis­ited and con­sulted peo­ple with fa­mil­iar spir­its, they got hooked up into witch­craft and sor­cery.

Many peo­ple are suf­fer­ing or dy­ing to­day as a re­sult of witch­craft which came into their fam­i­lies through a fam­ily mem­ber who took muti from di­vin­ers for per­sonal ben­e­fits. Con­sult­ing fa­mil­iar spir­its is a de­testable thing be­fore God and peo­ple should go to God if need­ing help. There is noth­ing for free from the devil. If faced with prob­lems we should al­ways go to God not to di­vin­ers. Je­sus is the an­swer and He has the so­lu­tions we all need.

Some peo­ple be­come agents of the devil through fam­ily in­her­i­tance. In most cases this is how witch­craft is passed on to fam­ily mem­bers. In other cases, many peo­ple to­day find them­selves in Satanism, witch­craft and sor­cery through peer pres­sure, ac­cept­ing false doc­trines, par­tic­i­pat­ing in pa­gan cer­e­monies or rit­u­als, love of power, dom­i­nance, al­co­hol, drugs, im­moral sex and heavy metal mu­sic.

It’s sur­pris­ingly ev­i­dent that false prophets are Satanists, witches and sor­cer­ers in sheep’s skins. They works speaks louder than their words (Matthew 7:15-22).

You can watch this space for Part 5 which is the last one where I will be giv­ing a re­cap on this topic “Agents of Satan Ex­posed” and ex­plain briefly how one can live a vic­to­ri­ous life over sa­tanic at­tacks. Pas­tor Cleto Mhuru is the Se­nior Pas­tor and Found­ing Apos­tle of Break Free Min­istries In­ter­na­tional (B.F.M.I)

He is the author of the best-sell­ing book “Over­com­ing Sa­tanic At­tacks —How Chris­tians can over­come sa­tanic at­tacks”. It is from this book that some of these ar­ti­cles are ex­tracted from. He also au­thored an­other book en­ti­tled “Liv­ing Tes­ti­mony of a Trans­formed Life — Dreams, Vi­sions and Life Callings”.

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