What women think of ripped jeans

The item in ques­tion this week is the mys­ti­fy­ing, drop-dead po­lar­is­ing ripped jean.

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AL­WAYS an un­usual choice of garb that comes with so many ques­tions: are your knees re­ally the as­set you’re most in­ter­ested in show­ing off? How much did you pay to look like the vic­tim of a ride-on lawn­mower hit and run? If they ripped through wear, why does the same logic of re­plac­ing them that ap­plies to ev­ery other gar­ment not ap­ply here? Aren’t you cold? How long un­til you cut them off above the knee and force us to write an­other ar­ti­cle?

Speak­ing of ques­tions, I did ask some other peo­ple what kind of feel­ings men in ripped jeans con­jure for them, just in case I was on my own here.

A men­tal note: I ex­tended my ques­tion to all hu­mans who’re at­tracted to men, be­cause in­clu­siv­ity is im­por­tant, knowl­edge is power and I think heaps of women re­mained silent be­cause their man was lis­ten­ing.

“When I see some­one with ripped jeans I hope they fall on a pile of bro­ken glass and rip them­selves up,” was an ac­tual re­sponse.

“Well, I guess they need some­thing to match their pre-washed Me­tal­lica/ Joy Divi­sion/Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon/Guns & Roses/KISS band T-shirt,” the re­spon­der con­tin­ued, with ironic sym­pa­thy.

“Oh, and don’t for­get to buy those brand new pris­tine white (or bright red) sneak­ers to fin­ish the look grabs an MCM-stud­ded back­pack on the way to the counter.” Ob­vi­ously trig­gered.

An­other per­son sent me a screenshot of the dic­tionary def­i­ni­tion of pity, which lead to some­one nam­ing them the MVP of the thread. An award well-de­served, IMHO.

Hold the phone, though. We’ve got some new opin­ions: “Pre-ripped de­signer jeans = blah. Jeans some­one has worn un­til they start to tear/rip = re­spect.” A valid point.

“In short,” she con­tin­ues, “skinny jeans for men, much like denim as a whole, have had a hell of an up and down ride. I find my­self agree­ing with this GQ guide to ripped jeans: the less likely the hole, shred or scrape is to have been cre­ated or­gan­i­cally through ac­tual wear and tear, the less ok it is. I sus­pect very few men have been able to catch a woman’s eye by ex­pos­ing his thighs in a hap­haz­ard man­ner.”

So, is there a right way to wear shred­ded denim? Maybe. Dee Dee Ra­mone and his friends looked great in ripped jeans. But he also looked great in jeans ripped en­tirely into shorts, and with no jeans on at all. And with his ques­tion­able tran­si­tion into hip-hip as Dee Dee “Funky Man” King, per­haps his no­tions of taste and aes­thet­ics make this ar­gu­ment re­dun­dant.

What about Kanye?

A style icon to many, he has been seen wear­ing a num­ber of ripped jeans, in­clud­ing a pair by Saint Lau­rent that set him back nearly $600.

He sure looks happy with his dam­aged goods, but I can’t help but feel my pulse ap­pear­ing be­hind my left eye­ball. Once again feel­ing like this bod­ily re­sponse was one unique to my­self, I was re­lieved to no­tice I wasn’t alone when ap­par­ent denim his­to­rian Dr JJ com­mented on a re­cent ar­ti­cle we pro­duced about dis­tressed denim:

“I wore ripped jeans in the 1980s. What you did was buy some shrinkto-fit Levi’s 501s. Made in the USA, Cone Mills denim. Wear them for about six months, non-stop, pub, park, par­ties, lec­ture theatre, lab­o­ra­tory, what­ever.

“Then shrink the bas­tards in the bath. Then con­tinue to wear them to dis­in­te­gra­tion. No one bought jeans with the holes al­ready there. . .ffs.”

In sum­ma­tion: if you’re wear­ing ripped jeans be­cause they ripped dur­ing some grand dis­play of phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity and you don’t re­ally care to re­place them, then you also prob­a­bly don’t care what women think of your out­fit or, at the very least, don’t want to hang around women who care about your out­fit.

And, if you’re wear­ing ripped jeans be­cause you paid for them, you’re a din­gus. — www.high­sno­bi­ety.com ◆ The views and opin­ions ex­pressed in this piece do not nec­es­sar­ily re­flect the po­si­tion of High­sno­bi­ety as a whole.

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