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WITH ev­ery­one mak­ing New Year res­o­lu­tions Blab­ber will not be left be­hind. Ev­ery­one wants a fruit­ful and suc­cess­ful year. For those who mis­tak­enly thought Blab­ber will re­main domi­ciled in the eastern bor­der city you are lost. Blab­ber has ex­tended ter­ri­tory!

The pry­ing eyes of Blab­ber have been ex­tended to the sec­ond largest town north of this province. The town has been grow­ing in leaps and bounds and so has been the death of im­moral­ity es­pe­cially when it comes to mat­ters done un­der sheets. Dear loyal reader Blab­ber has plenty of juicy yet so sad tales of how moral val­ues have been dis­carded.

There is this town boss who is an em­bar­rass­ment to say the least. He ar­rived in the town some few years ago and got hooked up to this yesteryear or is it an­cient thigh ven­dor who was on the verge of shift­ing to an­other town be­cause she had vir­tu­ally slept with ev­ery man and no sane man was giv­ing her at­ten­tion any­more.

The town boss brought her back in the game. The man quickly dumped his wife and fam­ily and went on to stay with this har­lot. Now with the town boss tucked un­der her armpits with the aid of juju, the har­lot is back to her old habits of trad­ing her thighs while the town boss will be sleep­ing at home. Blab­ber is told that she is also in the habit of as­sault­ing this clue­less chap when­ever he asks her movements. Next week Blab­ber will un­mask this sicky sin­gle mother who is spread­ing the virus wil­fully. She is tar­get­ing young and new men in town tak­ing ad­van­tage of the fact that they are not aware of her dark and ugly past.

Noth­ing in a name

“There is noth­ing in a name that which is called a rose, by any other name it would be as sweet”, the great­est play­wright of all time Wil­liam Shake­speare once wrote.

Blab­ber could not help but rem­i­nisce of this cliché when as Yours Truly was pon­der­ing on what is go­ing on our beloved city.

There are two brothers whose sur­name tells us not to stab each other but the opposite is ex­actly what they have done.

While one of the brothers is run­ning a seem­ingly boom­ing fast foods busi­ness, where one licks af­ter eat­ing, the other seems to be also do­ing well in his en­tre­pre­neur­ial un­der­tak­ings.

Blab­ber is deeply wor­ried, dis­turbed or trou­bled by the way these two well known brothers seem to have made their money at the ex­pense of their own rel­a­tive who is now singing the blues.

The once boom­ing bread bak­ing busi­ness of their rel­a­tive is now in a sorry state, if ever it still ex­ists at all.

In­stead of be­ing hu­mane and show­ing com­pas­sion to the broke busi­ness­man from whom they si­phoned re­sources to start their re­spec­tive busi­ness en­ti­ties, the two brothers are ne­glect­ing him to carry his own cross.

This is in­deed a sad, painful story of be­trayal.

I once told you, I am hu­man, I am of flesh and blood too hence as my fin­gers take turns to pounce on this key­board, be­lieve me gen­tle reader, tears are run­ning down my cheeks.

For that rea­son, I will end here and re­sume when I re­gain com­po­sure!

Clear­ing Agent’s Sodom and Go­mor­rah

There is a clear­ing agent who works at a nearby bor­der post whose sex­ual shenani­gans have left many shell-shocked.

Word reach­ing Yours Truly is that the boy is in the habit of en­tic­ing young women as well as well known sluts to visit his home in one of the city’s low den­sity sub­urbs.

Poor girls and women of loose morals are eas­ily lured by the green en­vi­rons of the hood that he re­sides let alone the pool par­ties that the boy fre­quently hosts.

For those who are still not sure of his iden­tity, his name has Is­lamic con­no­ta­tions.

Those in the know con­fided in Blab­ber that he usu­ally takes in not less than four women at a go and when he is in a gen­er­ous mood he then in­vites one or two of his col­leagues.

In that sub­urb well known for be­ing green, the sex­ual per­vert has cre­ated his own ver­sion of Sodom and Go­mor­rah.

Like I have al­ways said, Blab­ber is never ma­li­cious nei­ther is he vex­a­tious but it is the need to pre­serve the lit­tle that re­mains of our moral fab­ric that keeps me go­ing.

Who knows, maybe it runs in the fam­ily

What is this that we hear about this other boy who re­cently im­preg­nated a young girl and the later lost her life try­ing to ter­mi­nate the preg­nancy.

Blab­ber is only wor­ried that the boy, just like his well known sis­ter, lost a part­ner so early in life and who knows maybe it runs in the fam­ily. He sis­ter also went through the same or­deal.

I mean the loose Jezebel sis­ter who was mar­ried to a de­parted big time di­a­mond dealer. This is none other than wife to that di­a­mond dealer who breathed his last a few years ago af­ter nasty car crush that hap­pened in the pe­riph­ery of the CBD and some still be­lieve the ac­ci­dent hap­pened while he was on his way to re­lieve him­self in the for­est, as per his san­goma’s pre­scrip­tion.

Word reach­ing Yours Truly is that her young brother also lost his part­ner af­ter she tried to ter­mi­nate preg­nancy.

If in­deed it runs in the fam­ily, Yours Truly re­ally hopes that elders in the fam­ily will con­vene cri­sis res­o­lu­tion meet­ing for the young men and women in the fam­ily.

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