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IT IS my be­lief that your Easter hol­i­day was all cel­e­bra­tions and that you en­joyed the most or all of it. Sad for some of us though, we gotta get back to work and some to school be­cause they got ex­ams com­ing soon. The rest of y’all though keep on en­joy­ing your school hol­i­day. You don’t know how much we lot wish we were still go­ing to school too. All the same, I hope you did not mis­be­have dur­ing the Easter hol­i­days my lovely dearies. It’s so sad to hear that some teens were caught smok­ing dagga at par­ties and got ar­rested. Man, I was so dis­ap­pointed when y’all lot ap­peared in court. I hope you have learnt a les­son or two. Stay away from drug and sub­stance abuse. En­joy the rest of your hol­i­day, okay. Love you!

Do not tell your­selves things like “I al­ways fail” and “I never do any­thing right” such state­ments al­ways keep you down. In­stead ac­knowl­edge your short­com­ings and recog­nise your strengths. Hie Ten­tie and all my sweet teen friends, al­ways sup­port your­self and be­lieve in your­self as sung by ninja pres­i­dent Winky D “one munhu wandino be­liever ndeuyo abuda pamir­ror ndiro GAFFA.” WDchdz at Chimhenga

Hie Ten­tie, I am Mobby from Chipinge and I want to greet my friends Khange, Kudzi, Mu­nashe, Te­cla, Yvette, Jane, Chris­ten, Mugo and Natty teenz

Hie Ten­tie, its Tafadzwa Mu­tidza­wanda, I want to say hie to Makosi, Gwiz, Mtasa, Masimba, Vinz and Maka

Hie Teen­chat, I am Ta­tendaishe Chapilila aka Squanda, and I want to greet Ropafadzo Mamvota my best friend and all who love me

Hie Ten­tie, its Bee from Westlea, I want to say hie to my bestie Panashe, Rody, Chris and Tadiwa.

Hie, my name is Reejy and I want to say hie to Chris, Ztex, Noel and all boys at St Charles.

Hie Ten­tie, my name is Shal­lom Marufu. Hello Sasha, Mel­lisa,Por­tia, Si­bongile, Jonas, Elvis ,Takunda, Sharon, Wayne and Alice.

Thought for the day: “Even the peo­ple who be­tray you are part of the plan. Je­sus couldn’t get to the cross with­out Ju­das Is­car­iot.”

Hie Ten­tie, its Mimmy and I want to say hie to all Form Fours at Elise High and all my friends Tudu, Cortly, Yoyo, Fadzi, Ta­tenda, Des­tiny and ev­ery­body who knows me.

Hie Ten­tie, I am Shal­lom Marufu and want to say hie to Mel­lisa, Por­tia, Sasha, Alice, Elvis, Wayne, Rubby, Win­more, Jonas and Takunda. I love you guys at Nyasco blues in Rusape

Hello to all Form 4 com­mer­cials at Zimunya High es­pe­cially Lynett, Noreen, Jaks, Lil­iane, Erry, Aby, Ru­tendo and Mur­riel wish you the best. Leane Masango at Z .H. S.

Hie Tarie, Michy, Mhizha, Karen, Ken, Kaseke, Mdada and all my friends at Rusco. Carol

Hie Ten­tie, I just want to greet every­one who learnt at Gideon Mh­langa High in­clud­ing my bestie Noku­tenda its, Plaxy.

Hie Ten­tie, my name is Bev­erly and I would like to greet all my friends who were Form 4s at Ven­gere High School in 2015 es­pe­cially, Tino, Enarah, Nolyne, Timmy, Abel and Ga­muchi­rai. Love you guys

Hello Teen­chat, I want to pass my warm­est greet­ings to my friends who were at Emer­ald in 2017. Your lov­ing fans Bumbs lady. Tanda

Thanks for all your pic­tures, keep send­ing them in. If your pic is not in the pa­per this week’s is­sue, check next is­sue or the one af­ter that. Love y’all so much, you too much. Please keep send­ing your stuff to +263 771 580 643. Kisses and hugs dearies, xox­oxo

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