It’s ev­ery­one’s re­spon­si­bil­ity to fight HIV

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ED­I­TOR — Al­low me space in your widely read news­pa­per to air my con­cerns about ris­ing in­ci­dences of new HIV in­fec­tions and STIs in the coun­try.

I warn men and women, par­tic­u­larly young girls against en­gag­ing in pros­ti­tu­tion, which is largely to blame for the deadly HIV and Aids pan­demic.

What we should ap­pre­ci­ate is that the world is yet to find a cure for HIV and Aids. It is there­fore, in­cum­bent upon each and ev­ery cit­i­zen to en­sure mea­sures are taken to min­imise or com­pletely stop the spread of the dis­ease.

The re­spon­si­bil­ity to fight the spread of HIV and Aids should be shared equally; the young, old, women and men should all fight this deadly pan­demic that is threat­en­ing to wipe out mankind. It is there­fore, a pity to see young women roam­ing the streets at night for the pur­pose of pros­ti­tu­tion. Pros­ti­tu­tion is a recipe for death. It is a shame that de­spite hav­ing wit­nessed or wit­ness­ing, on daily ba­sis, rel­a­tives and friends in some cases par­ents dy­ing from Aids, we con­tinue to have women and men en­gag­ing in pros­ti­tu­tion. These women and men move from one beer out­let to the next look­ing for sex­ual part­ners. Money is cer­tainly not ev­ery­thing.

Let us all live within our means. Ig­no­rant men and women say, Aids was brought here on earth to main­tain the bal­ance of na­ture. Aids kills, be­lieve me.

Know­ing your sta­tus is of great im­por­tance. Get tested for the bet­ter­ment of your life. Be alert to­day to live to­mor­row.

Lawrence Gen­eral Chinene

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