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EX­AMS! Ex­ams! Ex­ams!

Happy exam pe­riod my dear­est teenagers, I wish you all the best and I am look­ing for­ward to the pos­i­tive news that you all passed with fly­ing colours. Love you to the bits!


Job in­ter­view for a se­cu­rity guard

In­ter­viewer: Can you speak English? Guard: Will the thieves come from Eng­land? kkkkkkkkk. So funny right.

Please note, how­ever, that this is just a joke and not an in­struc­tion for you my sweet teens to not lis­ten in the English Lan­guage les­son at school right.


A touch­ing story!

One day a lit­tle boy closed from school and on his way home he saw a cat ly­ing by the street side as though it was dead.

To sat­isfy his cu­rios­ity, the boy came close and touched the cat to see if it was dead or hurt. He touched the first time and there was no re­sponse. He then touched the cat again. He con­tin­ued touch­ing, touch­ing and touch­ing. Like I said ear­lier, this is a TOUCH­ING story.

Thank you for read­ing it...

You can now go back to what you were do­ing ....


Hey I’m Pa­tience and I’m a huge fan of Teen Chat. Hello to my best friends Kuekue, Kundai and Mu­tasa cheers.


Hie Ten­tie l want to greet all my friends...Downeyu Mak­wenge at Nyarumbu and the Nyazenga fam­ily. How are you fam­ily Granny and Grandpa, l love you more and Dil­lan, Ad­mire, Al­lan, Shantie kwa Gumi uko God will al­ways be with you. Vi­vian Mak­wenge Nyazenga


Hie Ten­tie I just want to say hie to my friend Ruth Man­zou. From Tanaka Mukuhwa ***

It is Prom­ise Hon­donga (eM­tee ), I want to say hie to Bless­ing S, Tanaka T, Tadiwa K and Nyasha K @KAHS... luv u all.

Thanks for all your pic­tures, keep send­ing them in. If your pic­tures are not in this week’s edi­tion of The Week­ender, please check the next is­sue or the one af­ter that. Love you all so much. Please keep send­ing your stuff to +263 771 580 643. Kisses and hugs dearies, xox­oxo


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