The mo­men­tum of Ra­mad­haan picks up

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AS THE month of Ra­mad­haan pro­gresses, it is dur­ing the last ten days and nights that the faith­ful, sin­cere Mus­lims step up the wor­ship and ser­vice to The Almighty.

Al­lah, The Almighty, says in the Holy Qur’aan, “…and He de­sires that you com­plete the or­dained pe­riod and glo­rify God for His guid­ance to you, that you may be grate­ful.” (Holy Qur’aan Ch2:185)

It is worth not­ing that in every as­pect of their daily lives, Mus­lims find great mo­ti­va­tion in the teach­ing and prac­tice of the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), the Last and Fi­nal Mes­sen­ger of The Almighty to mankind.

With re­gards to the last third of the month of Ra­mad­haan, Ai’shah (may God be pleased with her), the wife of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) re­ports that when the last third of Ra­mad­haan would en­ter (last ten days), the Prophet (pbuh) would en­gage in more wor­ship to such an ex­tent that he would re­main in wor­ship all night long, he would awaken his fam­ily folk (to step up their wor­ship too), he would be­come more se­ri­ous by ex­ert­ing greater ef­fort, and he would be­come to­tally fo­cused (in ded­i­ca­tion to The Supreme Sov­er­eign — Al­lah).

This serves as a prac­ti­cal en­cour­age­ment and mo­ti­va­tional fac­tor for the Believ­ers not to start ta­per­ing off in ex­pec­ta­tion of the end of the month and the end of this great train­ing pe­riod, but rather give the fi­nal burst of en­ergy to be able to re­ally achieve every good­ness.

Just like the marathon run­ner who takes off on a steady pace and picks up in mo­men­tum whilst go­ing along.

Then as he nears the end of the race, af­ter great en­durance and af­ter build­ing up in stamina and courage, he will ex­ert him­self much more — giv­ing the fi­nal push, though he may feel that he has al­ready done so much all along from the be­gin­ning!

Seclu­sion and med­i­ta­tion

The No­ble Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) would take the pe­riod of the last ten days to go into seclu­sion in the “Masjid” (Mosque) — a kind of spir­i­tual re­treat — and not come out ex­cept for ex­treme cases of ne­ces­sity.

He would use the ideal set­ting of the great sa­cred­ness, tran­quil­lity and peace, to en­gage in the in­creased re­mem­brance of The Almighty, prayer to Him, recita­tion of The Holy Qur’aan, re­flec­tion on life, etcetera.

Thus, to this day, Mus­lims who are ea­ger to em­u­late the No­ble Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) will also go into seclu­sion — try­ing to re­ally gain that piety, for­give­ness from sins, and a deeper un­der­stand­ing of the pur­pose of life. What is also wor­thy of note and of par­tic­u­lar im­por­tance at this stage, is that the last ten days con­tain an even greater sig­nif­i­cance and fur­ther en­hanced value, as de­clared by The Almighty.

Con­tained in this last third of the Blessed Month is one night which has been en­hanced in value, by The Almighty, to such a de­gree that wor­ship therein is de­clared to be more re­ward­ing than the wor­ship of a thou­sand months! This is men­tioned in Chap­ter 97 of the Holy Qur’aan.

Thor­ough spir­i­tual cleans­ing

Need­less to say, Mus­lims who cor­rectly ob­serve the var­i­ous as­pects of the month of Ra­mad­haan gain a thor­ough spir­i­tual cleans­ing and feel re-ju­ve­nated in faith feel­ing pure and clean. They are now ready to move on for an­other year of ac­tive ser­vice to The Almighty with due con­sid­er­a­tion of fel­low hu­mans in every way.

One is re­minded of how the wash­ing ma­chine runs through its full pro­gramme of wash­ing the laun­dry and to­wards the end of the wash­ing cy­cle it goes into the “spin” so as to thor­oughly re­move all the dirt and grime, the wa­ter and suds ren­der­ing the laun­dry “clean”.

Suf­fi­cient gain in spir­i­tu­al­ity

Re­ally and truly, for Mus­lims, not only must they en­sure that they merely com­plete the month’s fast­ing, but each one should gain suf­fi­ciently from this Blessed Month to be able to cope with the daily strug­gles in life, with a greater spir­i­tu­ally.

We may say, the “spir­i­tual bat­ter­ies” must be charged to the max­i­mum! Af­ter all, the hu­man be­ing as a mere mor­tal is limited in every as­pect and can only achieve, de­velop, progress, etcetera with Di­vine help and sup­port.

This re­al­i­sa­tion can truly and fully only dawn upon an in­di­vid­ual when they have an en­hanced spir­i­tu­al­ity.

The high stan­dard of self-re­straint and self-dis­ci­pline ex­er­cised dur­ing the pe­riod of fast­ing, cou­pled with pa­tience as well as the vol­un­tary ab­sten­tion from in­dul­gence in phys­i­cal de­sire, will help one at­tain a cer­tain stan­dard of sub­lim­ity, which is very rare in the prac­ti­cal world.

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