A lit­tle bit of re­spect for VP Mnan­gagwa

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VICE Pres­i­dent Mnan­gagwa is the cur­rent punch bag. He has been on the re­ceiv­ing end for quite a while. It’s now fash­ion­able to throw one or two jabs in his di­rec­tion. But then some­one seems to be punch­ing way above his weight. That has to stop. STOP IT!

Just a slight de­tour. Looks like we have en­tered the Sea­son of Al­liances. Mor­gan Ts­van­gi­rai is said to be shap­ing his MDC-T al­liance while Joice Mu­juru is said to be tak­ing charge of some new al­liance. It’s al­liance this and al­liance that.

Mor­gan is try­ing to take the MDC-T to the 1999 struc­ture and has thrown Pro­fes­sor Welsh­man Ncube as the spokesper­son of the al­liance. Quite laugh­able, if you ask me. Mor­gan never learns, but hey the man is not well. Let’s not ex­pect too much from him.

Thokozani Khupe, Nel­son Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri are watch­ing the machi­na­tions with keen in­ter­est. They are wait­ing for Mor­gan to make the wrong turn. Mean­while, Mor­gan is say­ing “no self­ies for now” be­cause hazv­ina ku­mira mushe.

Af­ter the meet­ing of the so-called prin­ci­pals of the al­liance, many thought Mor­gan will do what he knows best — smil­ing cutely to the cam­era and splash­ing the pic­tures on so­cial me­dia. Re­mem­ber that pic­ture of Mor­gan with those bevy of beau­ties seated on a bench in a park? That’s Mor­gan’s style. But not any­more. Speedy re­cov­ery Save!

Then Mai Mu­juru, kikikikiki! She has be­come so ir­rel­e­vant to the coun­try’s pol­i­tics such that when she speaks, in­stead of laugh­ing, you feel sorry for her. She has be­come so des­per­ate that she thinks some nonen­ti­ties like Farai Mbira, Gil­bert Dzik­iti and Lu­cia Mat­i­benga can con­sti­tute some al­liance.

The big­gest worry is that Mai Mu­juru is ac­tu­ally tak­ing her al­liance se­ri­ously. She is con­vinced that she will win elec­tions next year. I hon­estly never sus­pected that her naivety runs that deep. As if that is not enough, Mai Mu­juru is just not pho­to­genic. She looks so un­sure as if she is won­der­ing why she is do­ing what she is do­ing. Come on Joice, smile a bit.

Any­way, let the al­liances flour­ish! They are in sea­son. Now to to­day’s ser­mon. I said VP Mnan­gagwa has been re­ceiv­ing quite a num­ber of blows of late. Many are won­der­ing how and why up to now the man has not been dazed by the blows. Some are spec­u­lat­ing that his days as VP are num­bered while oth­ers are con­vinced, the man is dead po­lit­i­cally.

Op­por­tunists are try­ing to take ad­van­tage of the hur­ri­cane and they are mak­ing it a hobby kuti kana vashaya zvekuita VaM­nan­gagwa be­comes zvekuita zvavo. Bishop Lazarus does not hold any brief for VP Mnan­gagwa, but surely kana vana shuro vo­hukura zhou tinobva tashaya kuti zviri kum­bo­famba sei?

Zanu-PF Youth League chair­man for Man­i­ca­land Mubuso Chin­guno is one such shuro that should Stop It! We are fully aware that it was a close shave for him when he al­most got fired to­gether with Mai Mu­juru and so we know that he is de­ploy­ing some com­pen­satory be­hav­iour to cover up for his 2014 sins. But a lit­tle bit of re­spect from Chin­guno would be most wel­come.

In­stead of work­ing hard for the party, some peo­ple are go­ing to work hard to de­stroy the VP. Some will be spon­sored to do so while oth­ers will just be overzeal­ous to put up a show. There is go­ing to be a stam­pede and VP Mnan­gagwa bet­ter get ready kut­sokodz­erwa nanachura.

Speak­ing to one of the daily pa­pers, Chin­guno clearly went over­board say­ing: “We might say let’s do this and that but we will not go any­where if we don’t deal with Em­mer­son who has been us­ing his prox­ies to un­der­mine the Pres­i­dent. We can fire the whole party but the only way for­ward is to re­move him.

“He is a cancer. We have fired a lot of peo­ple since 2014 be­cause of this man. So let us deal with Em­mer­son at the com­ing spe­cial Congress so that all de­part­ments pull in one di­rec­tion.”

He said VP Mnan­gagwa was show­ing “fake love” to­wards the Pres­i­dent adding; “There is no loy­alty in him, there is only dis­loy­alty. In fact, Zanu-PF will be stronger with­out him.”

Strong but very mis­guided if not sui­ci­dal words from a very weak lit­tle boy. It’s very pos­si­ble that Chin­guno was just speak­ing his mind or he is just a loud speaker, but what­ever, Zanu-PF in gen­eral and the Youth League leader Kudzanai Chipanga in par­tic­u­lar should not al­low such stink­ing dis­re­spect for party lead­ers. That cul­ture of dis­re­spect should be stopped forth­with in the Youth League.

Where did Chin­guno get the guts to call a whole VP by his first name? A VP who was ap­pointed by Pres­i­dent Mu­gabe, the man he pur­ports to sup­port? Where did he get the guts to call a whole VP a cancer? What does Chin­guno know about fake love and loy­alty?

The wise words by Pres­i­dent Mu­gabe last year as he was clos­ing Zanu-PF’s 16th An­nual Na­tional Peo­ple’s Con­fer­ence in Masvingo al­ways ring in my mind.

“Dis­ci­pline, dis­ci­pline, dis­ci­pline, dis­ci­pline…Kuzvi­bata ti­chitev­era gwara re­mu­sangano. Kuzvi­bata ti­ine ruzivo rwekuti vari­pa­mu­soro vanosun­girwa kukudzwa, vari pazasi vakukudzeiwo imi muri pa­mu­soro,” said the Pres­i­dent.

What has hap­pened to heed­ing the Pres­i­dent’s call? Where is the “dis­ci­pline, dis­ci­pline, dis­ci­pline, dis­ci­pline?” Where is the re­spect for el­ders? Are these the kind of youths who are set to in­herit this beloved coun­try? Baba bat­sirai Zim­babwe.

We can even take the mat­ter bib­li­cally. 1 Peter 5 vs 5 says: “Like­wise, you who are younger, be sub­ject to the el­ders. Clothe your­selves, all of you, with hu­mil­ity to­ward one another, for ‘God op­poses the proud but gives grace to the hum­ble’.”

Bishop Lazarus is fully aware that as we head to­wards the re­main­ing In­ter­face Ral­lies and as we head to­wards the Zanu-PF Spe­cial Congress kuchaita tu­nana Mike Tyson hobho tuno­funga kuti re­gai ti­wonekwe tichikanda tub­hak­era to­wards VP Mnan­gagwa.

In­stead of work­ing hard for the party, some peo­ple are go­ing to work hard to de­stroy the VP. Some will be spon­sored to do so while oth­ers will just be overzeal­ous to put up a show. There is go­ing to be a stam­pede and VP Mnan­gagwa bet­ter get ready kut­sokodz­erwa nanachura.

Sekuru vangu Matope (may his soul rest in peace) would al­ways tell me; “Muzukuru chero wat­samwa sei, gara wasiya pa­mang­wana muku­taura.”

VP Mnan­gagwa is go­ing to be free for all, but zviri nani kusiya pa­mang­wana. Pol­i­tics is one com­pli­cated game. If VP Mnan­gagwa is go­ing to be re­moved as VP, why don’t we wait for due pro­cesses? Why don’t we wait for the ap­point­ing au­thor­ity to take ac­tion, if nec­es­sary?

Come to think of it — there is a school of thought that is say­ing, by con­ti­nously punch­ing the bag, peo­ple are be­gin­ning to feel pity for the bag. Am not sure whether peo­ple like Chin­guno are not mak­ing VP Mnan­gagwa much stronger?

One re­searcher once said: “Most of the prob­lems in life come be­cause of two rea­sons: We act with­out think­ing and we keep think­ing with­out act­ing.” Just to add, “Ma­tu­rity starts when drama ends.”

Bishop is out!

Mor­gan Ts­van­gi­rai

VP Mnan­gagwa

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