Satan’s min­is­ters driv­ing Mor­gan to deathbed

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ZANU-PF never ceases to amaze. THE sui­ci­dal ten­den­cies are baf­fling, but let’s leave this rev­o­lu­tion­ary party im­bovhunura. There is a press­ing is­sue that needs ur­gent min­is­tra­tion. I won’t mince my words and won’t beat about the bush be­cause there are smil­ing as­sas­sins on the prowl. Bru­tal hon­esty is the only way to go. Here goes. Some peo­ple are con­spir­ing to kill MDC-T leader Mor­gan Ts­van­gi­rai. They are killing Save softly and they want to bury him with a smile.

Let’s take a few lessons on de­ceit, de­cep­tion and de­ceivers from the holy book.

Paul in 1 Ti­mothy 2:14 talks about Eve, Adam and the ser­pent. I won’t bore you go­ing over this story. There are many other ex­am­ples of de­ceit in the Bi­ble.

Apos­tle Paul graph­i­cally warns in 2 Corinthi­ans 11:14-15, “For such are false apos­tles, de­ceit­ful work­ers, trans­form­ing them­selves into apos­tles of Christ. And no won­der! For Satan him­self trans­forms him­self into an an­gel of light.

“There­fore it is no great thing if his min­is­ters also trans­form them­selves into min­is­ters of right­eous­ness, whose end will be ac­cord­ing to their works.”

Satan’s min­is­ters are af­ter Mor­gan. They are trans­form­ing them­selves into apos­tles of MDC-T. They are trans­form­ing them­selves into min­is­ters of right­eous­ness. The MDC-T leader is in se­ri­ous trou­ble.

Over the past few months, Bishop Lazarus has de­liv­ered sev­eral ser­mons say­ing MDC-T should give Mor­gan a rest.

The man is be­ing rav­aged can­cer of the colon. No one in the op­po­si­tion party seems to care. Hutsinye hwa­cho! it’s just not good. It’s not fair.

When Mor­gan was air­lifted to South Africa last month af­ter sud­denly falling sick, his spokesper­son Luke Tam­borinyoka lied with­out shame say­ing: “Pres­i­dent Mor­gan Ts­van­gi­rai, who flew to South Africa for a rou­tine med­i­cal pro­ce­dure, is in a very sta­ble con­di­tion con­trary to mor­bid me­dia re­ports that he is crit­i­cal and is bat­tling for his life…”

In “Ar­gu­ment in De­fence of the Sol­diers in the Bos­ton Mas­sacre Tri­als,” in De­cem­ber 1770, the US diplo­mat and politi­cian John Adam said: “Facts are stub­born things; and what­ever may be our wishes, our in­cli­na­tions, or the dic­tates or our pas­sion, they can­not al­ter the state of facts and ev­i­dence.”

This state­ment was said a long time ago, but Tam­borinyoka last month came face to face with th­ese wise words.

Tam­borinyoka just wants a job. Poor Lukezha!

Af­ter weeks holed up in South Africa, a clearly sick Mor­gan re­turned home and Satan’s min­is­ters thought they were be­ing clever. They sneaked Mor­gan into the coun­try, kuita weku hwan­disa kumba kwake kunge mari yekuba.

As usual, Tam­borinyoka, Obert Gutu and Dou­glas Mwon­zora tried to sound clever say­ing their dear leader was re­cov­er­ing well blah, blah, blah.

Some of us with con­nec­tions in South Africa and some of us with eyes that see even svosve rir­imu High­lands knew that hai­wawo, nhema dzoga dzoga.

Some peo­ple in MDC-T thought Ed­die Cross was be­ing a racist when he broke ranks with his col­leagues and openly told the world that Mor­gan was not well.

Cross added that Mor­gan’s fam­ily was fac­ing fi­nan­cial chal­lenges and if they had their way, Mor­gan would leave pol­i­tics.

Cross was put un­der the cross, but he was res­o­lute.

“I still main­tain what I said. There are med­i­cal bills (to prove it). Mr Ts­van­gi­rai’s health is­sues are a con­cern; we are all con­cerned…” said an adamant Cross.

Cross was cru­ci­fied by an­gry MDC-T sup­port­ers who were be­ing mis­led by Satan’s min­is­ters.

“Chimu­rungu ichi hin­dava? What’s wrong with this old white man?” one MDC-T sup­porter asked in anger.

The unashamed MDC-T lead­ers threat­ened Cross with all man­ner of ac­tion.

Welsh­man Ncube, who has been ap­pointed spokesper­son for some­thing they call MDC Al­liance, said some­thing that had many peo­ple laugh­ing at an is­sue isin­gasetsi.

“My up­bring­ing in ev­ery as­pect of life tells me we should not have a con­ver­sa­tion like that at all (about Mor­gan’s health). It is in bad taste and it is un-African. It is just not the right thing to do,” said the learned Pro­fes­sor.

I was like, “Pro­fes­sor ava ngavak­wane mhani. Nhasi zvashata ku­taura about hur­were hwaMor­gan but ha­pana chakashata ku­taura about Pres­i­dent Mu­gabe’s health?”

Like Luke, Welsh­man was is just try­ing to save his job.

The man has been lan­guish­ing in ob­scu­rity for years and this “Al­liance” has given him a meal. While Satan’s min­is­ters thought they had played the coun­try a fast one, facts and ev­i­dence slapped their sorry faces hard. Very hard, ac­tu­ally.

Last week Mor­gan was rushed to South Africa once again.

Those who were at the air­port say Mor­gan anga achi­famba ser­waivhi.

And once again Luke continued with his reck­less and thought­less state­ments. Writ­ing on Face­book, he said: “So a man who left walk­ing by him­self, who used a pub­lic air­port and a com­mer­cial flight with many other pas­sen­gers is now re­ported to have been ‘air­lifted’ and is ‘crit­i­cally ill’? God help our me­dia.”

No, no, no Lukezha! God help you. You have no shame. Sit down and look at what you are do­ing to your al­ready tat­tered rep­u­ta­tion.

When Luke con­tin­ues with his lies, as a Bishop I keep ask­ing if this lit­tle fella has read the 10 Com­mand­ments.

I kept won­der­ing un­til my good sis­ter Pri­cilla Misi­hairabwi-Mushonga pro­vided a holis­tic an­swer to the trou­bles in the op­po­si­tion.

“I know my col­leagues in the op­po­si­tion will be up­set. I have told them that I be­lieve I am very lucky which is why I prob­a­bly still make a bit of sense-not too much sense but a bit of it be­cause when I re­alised that I was un­well due to clin­i­cal de­pres­sion I sought help.

“Most of my col­leagues have not and I se­ri­ously be­lieve that they need to seek help, be­cause un­til peo­ple can go back to a point where they can think through things prop­erly we will con­tinue to have non­sense that is cur­rently hap­pen­ing in the op­po­si­tion.

“And I do not think that they know that what they are do­ing is non­sen­si­cal be­cause I think that they are un­well and there­fore can­not fo­cus and they can­not think and men­tal ill­ness is not some­thing to laugh about be­cause it messes your whole think­ing pro­cess and there­fore no one is en­er­gised enough to men­tally think prop­erly,” said Priscilla.

This sis­ter has guts. She speaks with reck­less aban­don; abaiwa ngaabude style. Well, af­ter the state­ment from Priscilla, I now fully un­der­stand what we are deal­ing with. Kwanzi vanhu ava imen­dari dzoga dzoga. They are sick in mind. The op­po­si­tion is an asy­lum.

It is a hor­ri­ble com­bi­na­tion: Satan’s min­is­ters and men­tally un­sta­ble peo­ple. Ha­pana chakanaka vanhu vamwari. Zvino­todi­iko nenyaya ya Mor­gan? Should we al­low Satan’s min­is­ters to keep push­ing him to his deathbed? Get well soon Save. Bishop is out!

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