Po­lar vor­tex is not my fault

PressReader - BRUCE_CAROL_ROWE Channel - Po­lar vor­tex is not my fault
I am an old man now, and I know that times have changed, but I long for the good old days when Mother Na­ture con­trolled the weather. When we had droughts or bl­iz­zards or floods or wind storms, even lo­custs, we might send up a prayer beg­ging for re­lief, then shrug our shoul­ders and carry on.Now, since hu­mans be­came re­spon­si­ble for the weather, we have a lot more to do to pre­vent the weather from turn­ing nasty. I have du­ti­fully changed my light bulbs, paid my car­bon taxes, and even re­duced (slightly) my beef con­sump­tion. The po­lar vor­tex is some­one else’s fault. Arthur Dey­ho­los, High River

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