Karta Laundry Successfully Served 5oo Customers in East Delhi

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Starting from nothing in October 2018, developing our service at every step Karta laundry served 521 customers till December 2018 last week.

Laundry Service in East Delhi

How people reach us and their expectations?

Customers reach us through our website or by phone call. Usually it’s early morning or late evening booking. Customers expect that the pickup must happen as per their comfort and should be on time.

Some other major expectations customers usually have are:

• Clean cloth• The clothes should not get damaged while processing• The clothes must smell good• Ironing must be good• Proper packaging, etc

How we managed to meet customers’ expectations?

Once the query is placed into our website the job of pickup is transferred to our available field executive. Once the job is accepted by the field executive it’s his liability to coordinate with the customer and pick the clothes on time.The weight of the clothes is measures through digital weighing machine by our rider and the clothes are counted in front of the customers. Proper receipt is provides to the customer with all details mentioned. The rider delivers the cloth to our processing plant.The clothes are washed and dried in best quality machines with best chemicals under the supervision of experts.Then the ironing and packaging is done. Once laundry and ironing is done, the job of delivery of clothes is transferred to the rider again. The rider then coordinates with the customer to deliver the clothes as per the customer’s convenience.

Customer’s liabilities

The customers must take proper receipt from the rider and must check if all the information written by him are correct or not. While delivery of clothes the customers must count total number of clothes. While using the clothes if customer feels that the quality of wash or iron or any other thing is not as per his/her expectations then he/she must contact at our customer care number.We have special focus on our customer care department and reprocessing of clothes will be provided without any questions free of cost.For more information visit https://www.karta.co.in