Ru­ral prop­erty is­sue is about re­spect

PressReader - LStep Channel - Ru­ral prop­erty is­sue is about re­spect
I read with in­ter­est Doug Cut­hand’s wan­der­ing com­ments about Saskatchewan’s new tres­pass laws.Why must ev­ery is­sue be cast as racial, “us against them.” Or is it “them against us”?Ru­ral landown­ers must be the only prop­erty own­ers in Saskatchewan who need to post their land to pre­vent un­wanted tres­pass. Post­ing land is ex­pen­sive and time con­sum­ing. Farms, depend­ing on size, need to post signs on 35 to 200 miles, as most of the land is in small parcels.I do not post my land with No Hunt­ing signs, and will likely give you per­mis­sion to hunt, but I want to know who you are. I have had, like most farm­ers, some bad ex­pe­ri­ences with hunters.I had a hunter shoot an elk in a canola field that was nei­ther swathed nor har­vested, and then lie to me that he had shot the an­i­mal and it had run into the field to die.I have had a hunter park his truck and trailer in a field of peas that was not yet har­vested. An­other one, who I as­sume was night hunt­ing, drove cir­cles over a swathed field. I have had deep ruts left in a wet sum­mer fal­low field, as well as un­filled pits left over from hunt­ing geese.I am a strong sup­porter of the Trans-cana­dian Snow­mo­bile Trail which runs across my home quar­ter, with no prob­lems. How­ever, I have seen other ex­am­ples of to­tal dis­re­gard for pri­vate prop­erty, such as driv­ing over ev­er­green shrubs in a man­i­cured ru­ral gar­den, driv­ing down a row of small spruce in­tended for a wind­break that were stick­ing a few inches above the snow, or driv­ing over a pile of grain tem­po­rar­ily stored on the ground due to lack of stor­age space.So you see, Mr. Cut­hand, this is not a racial is­sue but a com­mon de­cency and mu­tual re­spect is­sue. I will not come into your house or on to your prop­erty with­out iden­ti­fy­ing my­self. I will not hunt on your prop­erty with­out your per­mis­sion. I would ask that you would give me and my prop­erty the same re­spect. R.L. (Bob) Gil­mour, Car­rot River

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