Heal­ing lodge guard guilty of sex­ual as­saults

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SASKA­TOON A for­mer high-rank­ing male guard at a Saskatchewan women’s prison has been found guilty of two counts of sex­ual as­sault for grop­ing one in­mate and kiss­ing an­other with­out con­sent.Stan­ley Dorie was con­victed in Swift Cur­rent provin­cial court on Dec. 19. He was the act­ing deputy di­rec­tor of the Oki­maw Ohci Heal­ing Lodge — a min­i­mum and medium se­cu­rity fed­eral prison on the Neka­neet First Na­tion near Maple Creek — at the time of the as­saults in March and De­cem­ber 2015.Both vic­tims tes­ti­fied Dorie was a friendly, well-liked guard who of­ten gave hugs, joked around and com­pli­mented in­mates. How­ever, his flir­ta­tious na­ture es­ca­lated into be­hav­iour that was not only in­ap­pro­pri­ate, but non-con­sen­sual, they said.The first woman said Dorie ini­tially made her un­com­fort­able when he told her she had a “nice ass” after a drug search.She tes­ti­fied he started show­ing up wher­ever she was in the prison, and even ac­knowl­edged that an­other guard had pointed it out and “maybe I have to stop want­ing to come and hang out or want­ing to come and see where you are.”In March 2015, she was bend­ing over a counter in the kitchen when Dorie grabbed her hips and pushed his groin against her but­tocks, ask­ing her “if she felt it” while smirk­ing, court heard.“I find that it was fol­low­ing a pat­tern of flir­ta­tious and in­creas­ingly in­ap­pro­pri­ate con­duct ... that Mr. Dorie went over the line when the op­por­tu­nity pre­sented it­self,” Judge Karl Bazin wrote in his decision.The woman said she didn’t re­port the as­sault be­cause she was two months away from pa­role and wor­ried any po­ten­tial in­sti­tu­tional back­lash could ruin her chance of re­lease. How­ever, she did tell her room­mate the day it hap­pened.Nine months later, a second woman said Dorie came into her room and force­fully kissed her on the cheek and lips while she was ly­ing in bed. She said she had a close, non-ro­man­tic relationship with Dorie, who she of­ten hugged and con­fided in, but the kiss was non-con­sen­sual.She re­ported the in­ci­dent in­ter­nally, but was re­luc­tant to give a po­lice state­ment, court heard. She said she changed her mind be­cause it might pre­vent some­thing sim­i­lar from hap­pen­ing to an­other woman.As a re­sult of her state­ment, po­lice asked the prison di­rec­tor to can­vass in­mates about in­ap­pro­pri­ate be­hav­iour in­volv­ing Dorie. That’s when the first vic­tim’s name came up.Po­lice reached out to the woman, who was on pa­role. She said she wanted to move on with her life, but agreed to give a state­ment.De­fence lawyer Ammy Murray ar­gued the women con­spired to falsely ac­cuse Dorie so that the second woman could sue Cor­rec­tions Canada and re­ceive com­pen­sa­tion to­wards her $200,000 resti­tu­tion order.Bazin dis­missed that mo­tive, say­ing the ev­i­dence showed the women were not friends. He noted that the first woman never re­ported the in­ci­dent, and ques­tioned why sud­denly, when con­tacted by po­lice, she would make up a story she never in­tended to re­port, to help some­one she barely knew.He also said the second woman did not want Dorie to be charged and only gave a state­ment when pressed to do so.“(She) could have eas­ily em­bel­lished her story to un­wanted touch­ing to more in­ti­mate parts of her body if she were look­ing for fi­nan­cial gain,” Bazin wrote.Bazin said Dorie, who de­nied both as­saults, ex­ploited his close re­la­tion­ships with both women.He is sched­uled to be sen­tenced in March.

Two in­mates at Oki­maw Ohci Heal­ing Lodge, a women’s prison south of Maple Creek, were sex­u­ally as­saulted by a male guard.

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