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Re: Three dead in dou­ble-decker bus crash at West­boro Sta­tion, 23 oth­ers in­jured, Jan. 12.

While we do not yet know the sit­u­a­tion and chain of events that caused this ter­ri­ble tragedy, we do know that the struc­ture that was hit and is sit­u­ated all along the tran­sit­way and in other high-vol­ume ar­eas was a ma­jor con­tribut­ing fac­tor. It would have been rea­son­able to ex­pect that a dou­ble-decker bus could be pushed, drive into or col­lide with these struc­tures at mid-win­dow up­per level, thereby risk­ing the lives of those pas­sen­gers rid­ing at the up­per level.All dou­ble-decker buses should be parked un­til these struc­tures are made struc­turally safe for pos­si­ble col­li­sions, re­gard­less of the cause. Carol Rose, Ne­pean

These buses are un­sta­ble

An­other cat­a­strophic crash with loss of life in­volv­ing a dou­ble-decker bus. The dou­ble-decker bus may work well in slow-wind­ing and fair-weath­ered Lon­don; but an over-packed, non-snowtired, un­sta­ble bus hurtling at high speed down a win­tered tran­sit­way with pos­si­ble “black ice” is not worth the risk to life.Let’s put safety and the lives of our cit­i­zens first, in­tro­duce snow tires for all buses, and take those dou­ble-decker buses off the tran­sit­way, as the risk of fail­ure is too great. Len Tucker, West­boro

Can lo­cal probe be in­de­pen­dent?

Un­til the full in­ves­ti­ga­tion of the tragedy at West­boro is com­plete, is it not in­cum­bent upon OC Transpo to with­draw all dou­ble-decker buses from the tran­sit­way? Un­til it is known what caused the bus to hit the over­hang at the sta­tion, surely it is not safe to con­tinue the ser­vice.Can a probe by the Ot­tawa Po­lice Ser­vice (an agency of the City of Ot­tawa) into the op­er­a­tions of OC Transpo (also an agency of the city) be 100 per cent in­de­pen­dent? Safety is the ut­most con­cern. Ge­off Rad­nor, Ot­tawa

Re­view de­sign of tran­sit sta­tion

I am a de­signer, and it would be ap­par­ent to any­one with my skills, such as ar­chi­tects and en­gi­neers, on view­ing the crash scene pho­tos, that this crash was caused by very bad con­cep­tion and de­sign.Sadly, the driver is al­ready be­ing blamed for some­thing that could hap­pen with this type of two-level bus. It is quite out­ra­geous that this driver is be­ing scape­goated for the de­sign of this pas­sen­ger sta­tion which prob­a­bly should have never been ap­proved, let alone been con­structed. Wil­liam Fox, Toronto News of the lat­est bus crash came to me as ab­so­lutely no sur­prise. The over­all speeds of Transpo buses have al­ways been ex­ces­sive, es­pe­cially in built-up ar­eas, based on max­i­miz­ing bang for the buck, with no room for ice or er­ror, and seem­ingly with the full ap­proval of rid­ers.Af­ter liv­ing in Ot­tawa on and off for more than two decades, in which time I took OC Transpo of­ten, I am amazed I was never in­volved in a bus crash. I’m now in a small vil­lage far from a big city, and am thank­ful for the life-sav­ing change.Bob Mo­sur­in­john, Lake­field, Ont.

Tougher driver su­per­vi­sion needed Re: Bus driver in Fri­day’s crash al­leged to have been in prior col­li­sions, Jan. 14.

The record of the driver in­volved in last week’s tragedy points to a need for more strin­gent over­sight. Two pre­vi­ous ac­ci­dents and ad­di­tional train­ing still cul­mi­nated in three deaths and 23 in­juries, many se­ri­ous.A more strin­gent driver-com­pe­tence pol­icy (or pol­icy en­force­ment) for new driv­ers might have averted this hor­ri­ble event, and averted the mas­sive costs of set­tle­ments with vic­tims. Brian Boyd, Or­léans

A sign at the OC Transpo park-and-ride at Ea­gle­son Road Mon­day con­tains in­for­ma­tion for those who might need counselling.

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