Stop ‘think­ing out­side the box’

PressReader - Tke Channel - Stop ‘think­ing out­side the box’
Re: Think­ing out­side the box: Eight new ideas for Château Lau­rier ex­pan­sion, Dec. 10.The ma­jor prob­lem with the Château Lau­rier ex­pan­sion is that there should re­ally be no “think­ing out­side the box”. The key to this cru­cial project is to think in­side the box. The Château Lau­rier de­sign is al­ready there; all they have to do is repli­cate it.Many ar­chi­tects in Ot­tawa get frus­trated with old Ot­tawa ar­chi­tec­ture be­cause they al­ways want to be in­no­va­tive and modern, and with ex­ist­ing old Ot­tawa ar­chi­tec­ture there is no great chal­lenge for an ar­chi­tect. The ar­chi­tec­tural tragedy, though, is that if a modern fa­cade is added to ex­ist­ing clas­si­cal ar­chi­tec­ture, the re­sult is a mess and an eye­sore that will have to be lived with for an aw­fully long time.All of these eight new ideas do not “blend in” with the ex­ist­ing build­ing; they stand out like a sore thumb. One should not ac­tu­ally no­tice where the old part ends and where the new edi­tion be­gins. A good ar­chi­tect should be seen, but not heard. These new at­tempts are noth­ing more than ar­chi­tec­tural noise, which does not suit such a grand and so­phis­ti­cated dame as the Château Lau­rier. Don’t ex­per­i­ment — just copy! Dou­glas Cor­nish, Ot­tawa

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