Sav­ings from li­cence re­newal not worth it

PressReader - Tke Channel - Sav­ings from li­cence re­newal not worth it
Premier Doug Ford has frozen fees charged for driver’s li­cence re­newals and other driv­in­gre­lated re­quire­ments. Such fees were ex­pected to in­crease by $9, up from the cur­rent $90, for a five-year re­newal.This works out to a sav­ings of $1.80 a year. The prob­lem is, it’s es­ti­mated that the prov­ince will lose $1.6 mil­lion an­nu­ally as a re­sult of freez­ing these and other driv­ing-re­lated fees.First, driv­ing is not a right but a priv­i­lege, and most peo­ple are quite con­tent to pay for that priv­i­lege. Sec­ond, the rev­enue from such fees goes to­ward ad­min­is­tra­tive costs and, hope­fully, in­fra­struc­ture im­prove­ments. With less money in gov­ern­ment cof­fers, some ser­vices and pro­vin­cial high­way main­te­nance may have to be cut or de­layed.I’m not sure I’d like to see that hap­pen for sav­ings of $1.80 a year. On the other hand, maybe I can buy a case of buck-a-beer with my $9? Please, just re­mem­ber not to drink and drive.Brian Curry, Ot­tawa

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