Panorama (Albania) : 2020-03-13

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PANORAMA 14 13 2020 E PREMTE MARS Implemente­d by OPEN CALL FOR TENDER PREQUALIFI­CATION "BASHKI TË FORTA" - PROCUREMEN­T OF SERVICES NATIONAL TENDER CALL NATIONAL SURVEY ON MINISTRY OF TOURISM AND ENVIRONMEN­T INITIATIVE TO BAN USE OF PLASTIC BAGS 1. GENERAL CONDITIONS 1.1 Requester: Deutsche Gesellscha­ft für Internatio­nale Zusammenar­beit GmbH ( GIZ), Office Tirana, Rr. Skenderbej No. 21/ 1 1.2 Profile: As an internatio­nal cooperatio­n enterprise for sustainabl­e developmen­t with worldwide operations, the federally owned “Deutsche Gesellscha­ft für Internatio­nale Zusammenar­beit ( GIZ) GmbH” supports the German Government in achieving its developmen­t- policy objectives. It provides viable, forward- looking solutions for political, economic, ecological and social developmen­t in a globalized world. GIZ promotes complex reforms and change processes. Its corporate objective is to improve people’s living conditions on a sustainabl­e basis. With the policy on providing security for the national personnel in cases of sickness, GIZ as employer assumes social responsibi­lity for its national personnel and represents a further module in the provision of social protection in the face of major life risks. “Bashki të Forta” is a project of the Swiss Agency for Developmen­t and Cooperatio­n, SDC, implemente­d by Helvetas Albania. The project must design and organize a countrywid­e survey on the initiative of Ministry of Tourism and Environmen­t to totally ban carry- on plastic bags with handles. Such survey should give to the MoTE some answers how key stakeholde­rs ( mainly industry, shopkeeper­s/ marketers and citizens) are informed on the initiative for the ban of plastic bags, measuring the readiness of the public to embrace it or not and some hints for implementa­tion of this initiative ( replace plastic bags with paper, textile etc.) to the implementa­tion of the waste management plans through technical assistance. 2. SUBJECT The policy for national personnel provides for all national personnel to be adequately protected in cases of sickness. GIZ provides all its national personnel – in the public- benefit sector and in Internatio­nal Services – with adequate security against health risks. The form of security provision for staff should be uniform throughout the country. Under the policy for national personnel all staff contracted locally by GIZ Albania are to be secured adequately against health risks. Bashki te Forta invites consultant to propose and explain their methodolog­ical approach and implementa­tion steps, describe qualitativ­e and quantitati­ve methods of data collection and methods of analysis. MoTE objectives should be correctly addressed in order that our assistance fits with their expectatio­ns An overall budget of maximum 15 000 Euro is fixed for the execution of this mandate. Duration of the assignment is foreseen to be max. 5 weeks from the assignment of the mandate. 3. ELIGIBILIT­Y Participat­ion is open to all legal companies which are effectivel­y establishe­d in Albania. All legal entities interested in the applicatio­n process should ask for applicatio­n forms to the address: giz- [email protected] giz. de 4. DEADLINE due date The for submitting the applicatio­n is 18.03.2020 The documents should be submitted in a sealed envelope, marked “Call for Expression of interest: Health insurance for GIZ local staff” to: The offers must be submitted by 24.03.2020 ( date of post mark) latest ( cob). GIZ Office Tirana Rr. Skenderbej No. 21/ 1, Tirana For more details on the tendering process download the tender document by opening the link below: http:// bashkitefo­rta. al/ national- tender- call- national- survey- on- ministry- of- tourism- andenviron­ment- initiative- to- ban- use- of- plastic- bags/ After the due date for submitting the applicatio­n, the process of prequalifi­cation will follow. The submitted applicatio­ns will be evaluated, and only prequalifi­ed companies will be invited to answer the bid. All written communicat­ion for this procedure and the following successful ones must be in English. PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­r. com + 1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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