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In the vast and ex­qui­si­te uni­ver­se com­pri­sed by Ha­ba­nos’ vi­to­las, Cohiba stands out as one of the grea­test and most sought-after brands. Its con­cep­tion, ma­king and mar­ke­ting we­re su­rroun­ded by the charm of ori­gi­nal vi­to­las, se­lec­tion of lea­ves from the fi­ve first-class ve­gas lo­ca­ted at myt­hi­cal to­bac­co-gro­wing dis­tricts of San Juan y Mar­ti­nez and San Luis, in Pi­nar del Rio, as well as ad­di­tio­nal aging pro­ces­ses ap­plied to the fi­ne ma­te­rial that was hand­pic­ked by ci­gar ro­llers, everyt­hing it ta­kes to ha­ve a high-qua­lity pro­duct. Now, in its 50th an­ni­ver­sary, Cohiba can be per­fectly pai­red with se­ve­ral of the most re­now­ned spi­rits of the world.

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