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The gas­tro­nomy–re­li­gion re­la­tion stands out as an in­ter­es­ting and illus­tra­ti­ve fa­cet to un­ders­tand the cul­tu­ral dif­fe­ren­ces and bio-psy­cho-so­cial beha­viors of na­tions, re­gions, lo­ca­li­ties and hu­man groups.

When it co­mes to ea­ting and drin­king, the re­li­gious pre­cepts can be grou­ped un­der two main con­di­tio­nals: res­tric­tions on the intake of cer­tain food –ge­ne­rally meat– or drink, for li­fe or a spe­ci­fic pe­riod (fasts); as well as the con­sum­ption re­la­ted to ce­le­bra­tions or ri­tuals.

Ac­cep­ting such pre­cepts shows the be­lie­vers’ com­plian­ce. Tho­se res­tric­tions usually en­gulf the pri­va­tion of the con­sum­ption plea­su­re and re­sul­ting iden­ti­fi­ca­tion with dei­ties, by means of sa­cri­fi­ces. In nu­me­rous ca­ses, meats are re­la­ted to se­xual con­tact.

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