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Ice wi­ne (eis­wein in Ger­man lan­gua­ge) is ma­de of na­tu­rally fro­zen gra­pes that ha­ve been har­ves­ted and tur­ned in­to sweet wi­ne.

The­se wi­nes de­li­ver pi­neap­ple, peach and ci­tric fruits tas­tes, which can be per­fectly pai­red with fruit­ca­kes, cre­me bru­lée and swee­te­ned co­okies, just to men­tion so­me.

Ger­many, Aus­tria and Ca­na­da, be­si­des their cli­ma­te, fea­tu­re cen­te­na­rian and suc­cess­ful experience in the ma­king of this wi­ne. Their pro­ducts stand out around the world. New York has al­so shown qua­lity in this field over the past years.

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