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Greek Dimitris Katrivesis has one of those li­fe sto­ries that deser­ve to be writ­ten be­cau­se they are exam­ples of per­se­ve­ran­ce and pro­fes­sio­nal growth. He didn’t ha­ve much when he arri­ved in Spain… but he was wi­lling to car­ve out a fu­tu­re su­rroun­ded by sto­ves, thin­king that lo­cal gastronomy was only about po­ta­to ome­let and gaz­pa­cho. Dimitris la­ter dis­co­ve­red not only a uni­ver­se of tas­tes, but al­so an “Apo­caly­pses” of in­gre­dients and tech­ni­ques. He wor­ked in Bu­lli, side by side with the gu­ru of co­oks, Fe­rran Adrià.

Dimitris be­lie­ves that co­oking is not only about pa­ying at­ten­tion to all de­tails, but al­so ta­king risks, being fo­cu­sed and crea­ti­ve. A dish, a great dish, is the most com­plex art­work, since it is to tar­get all sen­ses and, on­ce it has been ea­ten, it must re­main in the me­mory as a pain­ting, a me­lody or a gor­geo­us view. “Co­oking is tas­te and

ent­hu­siasm. I co­ok to ma­ke a hap­pier world.”

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