Excelencias Gourmet - - Al Detalle -

Peo­ple’s lo­ve life goes th­rough cru­cial sta­ges and all of them are ac­com­pa­nied by food, the heady smo­ke of a good Habano or the sen­sual and pro­vo­ca­ti­ve fi­gu­re of a wi­ne glass.

So­me in­gre­dients are the kings of se­duc­tion and desire, sin­ce they ha­ve a va­so­di­la­tory fun­ction or they are in­vol­ved in a hor­mo­nal process, thus fa­vo­ring se­xual ex­ci­te­ment. Cho­co­la­te, ho­ney and oys­ters are so­me of the­se fa­mous in­gre­dients; as well as straw­be­rries, ba­na­nas, man­gos and figs, and be­ve­ra­ges li­ke red wi­ne.

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