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Ac­cor­ding to his­tory, this stock or its clo­sest blood sis­ter tra­ve­led th­roug­hout the Ame­ri­cas du­ring the Spa­nish co­lo­ni­za­tion. Peo­ple say that it even made up for the lack of stocks in so­me coun­tries li­ke Chi­le, Ar­gen­ti­na and the Uni­ted Sta­tes (Ca­li­for­nia). It was brought to Pe­ru by the Spa­nish co­lo­ni­zers in the 16th cen­tury and ap­pea­red as “Country” in Chi­le, “Mis­sion” in Ca­li­for­nia and “Native” in Ar­gen­ti­na. It was trea­ted as the “Com­mon Black” by many settlers, tra­ve­lers and ex­pert ma­kers of musts and soups.

It has been even used in as­sem­blies with such no­bles as Ca­ber­net Sau­vig­non. Hid­den behind blends, it has tra­ve­led for years in bottles, uni­den­ti­fied, with no De­no­mi­na­tion of Ori­gin, wit­hout a sin­gle pre­sen­ce on la­bels.

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