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The­re is ab­so­lu­tely no doubt about Habano being the king of af­ter-meal-talk, that su­bli­me mo­ment that crowns meals. Ac­com­pa­nied by an aro­ma­tic cup of cof­fee or such heady drinks as rum, it has been a dis­tin­guis­hed pre­text to pro­long the en­joy­ment of ea­ting and drin­king th­rough the first sta­ges of di­ges­tion. No­ne gour­met din­ner is pre­sently des­cri­bed as com­ple­te wit­hout that smo­king end, con­cei­ved to plea­se both body and soul, en­no­ble the spi­rit and breat­he the cul­tu­re of fi­ne tas­te.

But ha­ve you ever thought about a Habano as an ap­pe­ti­zer? Can you pic­tu­re your­self en­jo­ying each of its thirds along with the me­nu of a din­ner? So­me peo­ple might think it is bold. Other peo­ple would des­cri­be it as un­pre­ce­den­ted. But ac­cor­ding to World Ha­ba­no­som­me­lier Cham­pion Juan Je­sús Ma­chín that is ba­rely the beginning of in­fi­ni­te pos­si­bi­li­ties and sen­sa­tions.

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