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The ima­ge of a ci­gar smo­ker is ge­ne­rally lin­ked to po­wer­ful men, suc­cess­ful ar­tists or im­por­tant po­li­ti­cians. Ho­we­ver, the aroma of a smo­king ci­gar leads us in­to an ele­gant world of sen­sa­tions and countless 21st cen­tury wo­men are en­jo­ying it.

A new ge­ne­ra­tion of wo­men, in­sa­tia­ble ex­plo­res loo­king for new ex­pe­rien­ces, ha­ve found in Habano the re­ne­wed en­joy­ment of a cen­te­na­rian plea­su­re. Katy

Perry, Be­yon­ce or

Ma­don­na, among ot­hers, are mem­bers of a group of fa­mous smo­king wo­men: a li­king that see­med to ha­ve fa­llen in­to di­su­se.

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