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Ha­ba­nos ha­ve not only co­ve­red ta­bles around the world with smo­ke spi­rals. Be­yond the sen­so­rial en­joy­ment of smo­king it, the­se ci­gars ha­ve been an ins­pi­ring ele­ment for nu­me­rous hau­te cui­si­ne dis­hes, which re­crea­te its sha­pe and tex­tu­re with high le­vel of rea­lism. But chefs, loo­king for a new kind of ex­pe­rien­ce, ha­ve al­so tur­ned to­bac­co in­to an in­gre­dient for exo­tic crea­tions, so it has shed in­ten­sity and new tas­te on them. Is the­re any li­mit in terms of plea­su­res and de­lights?

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