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So­me peo­ple pre­fer strong drinks, spi­rits with body, tas­te and aging. La Gua­ri­da sug­gests you to step out of the com­fort zo­ne and pair Ha­ba­nos with cham­pag­ne.

Ha­ba­nos and cham­pag­ne de­li­ver a great pai­ring. The fi­ne bub­ble and ba­lan­ced aci­dity, along with toas­ted and fruity aro­mas, allow us to fully en­joy tas­te and soft­ness. In the same breath, it is a ca­ress to the pa­la­te and pre­pa­res it to en­joy the ran­ge of nuan­ces and tas­tes of a Habano that, de­pen­ding on the ci­gar’s cha­rac­te­ris­tics, can be pep­per, leat­her, co­coa and ot­hers.

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