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Not­hing is in­dis­pen­sa­ble, yet the­re are ele­ments that can mul­tiply the fee­lings we go th­rough when we ra­vel in a good meal. When we find the ideal “har­mony” bet­ween a glass of wa­ter, a good glass of wi­ne or rum, food and Ha­ba­nos, our sen­ses open up to li­ving ex­pe­rien­ces that go far be­yond the need to be fed. By the hand of its pu­bli­ca­tions, the Ex­ce­len­cias Group chips in its ex­pe­rien­ce and that of its con­tri­bu­ting wri­ters to ma­ke all of you ha­ve a re­fe­ren­ce point when it co­mes to choo­sing how to li­ve out that ex­pe­rien­ce.

This year marks the 20th an­ni­ver­sary of the Habano Fes­ti­val, an event we ha­ve di­rectly kept track of th­rough hands-on at­ten­dan­ce and par­ti­ci­pa­tion with our Spe­cial Is­sue in which Ha­ba­nos S.A. un­veils its new brands and vitolas. Our news­pa­pers www. ex­ce­len­cias­gour­met.com and www.ca­rib­bean­news­di­gi­tal.com al­so pro­vi­de ex­ten­si­ve co­ve­ra­ge of all to-dos on a daily ba­sis. Fi­ve lan­gua­ges and se­ven news me­dia sup­port this com­mu­ni­ca­tion ef­fort as they re­flect the end­less array of pos­si­bi­li­ties and har­mo­nies bet­ween ci­gars and hau­te cui­si­ne.

Don Ra­fael An­són, a mas­ter we fo­llow day by day, sha­res his views and wis­dom th­rough ar­ti­cles of his own, all posted in our news­pa­pers. This ti­me around, he mulls over the la­test edi­tion of FITUR Ma­drid, in Spain, whe­re he pas­sed the title of Ibe­rian-Ame­ri­can Ca­pi­tal of Gas­tro­no­mic Cul­tu­re from Bue­nos Ai­res to Sao Pao­lo, with the Tou­rism Mi­nis­ters of both Ar­gen­ti­na and Bra­zil in at­ten­dan­ce. Pro­to­cols we­re al­so sig­ned on the pre­mi­ses by the El Sal­va­do­ran and Ecua­do­rian mi­nis­ters to found gas­tro­nomy aca­de­mies in their res­pec­ti­ve coun­tries.

Ha­va­na, Cu­ba, was no­mi­na­ted as the 2018 Ibe­rian-Ame­ri­can Ca­pi­tal of Cock­tails.

The is­land na­tion’s Tou­rism Mi­nis­ter Ma­nuel Ma­rre­ro ac­cep­ted the title. All this much ma­kes gas­tro­nomy play an in­crea­singly lar­ger ro­le with each pas­sing day in a bid to show the world the as­sort­ment of tra­di­tions and foods we ha­ve, thus ma­king them dif­fe­ren­tia­ting ele­ments in each and every na­tion.

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