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One of the grea­test pa­ra­do­xes in coo­king is how in this realm –his­to­ri­cally do­mi­na­ted by wo­men- only men and not wo­men have wal­ked off with most pri­zes and ho­nors. Tra­di­tio­nally tas­ked with ho­me coo­king, the work of le fem­mes in big-ti­me res­tau­rants has co­me down to just a se­cond-string job for the lon­gest ti­me.

Ho­we­ver, des­pi­te their still being an overw­hel­ming mi­no­rity, many wo­men have pro­ven that gastronomy is a fe­ma­le noun. As ti­me rolls on, they are in­crea­singly lea­ving their foot­prints in the uni­ver­se of Spanish cuisine.

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