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Stri­king a true ba­lan­ce when tasting food and drin­king wi­ne leads to a pro­found know­led­ge of the two ele­ments’ fea­tu­res. It’s not good enough to com­bi­ne sweet, salty, acid or sour tastes, in har­mony or con­trast, but it’s al­so im­por­tant to del­ve in­to the im­pact tho­se ele­ments really have on both the patron and the pro­duct’s main in­gre­dient (kind of fish, shell­fish, red meat and the li­ke), sau­ce, si­de dish and even the coo­king met­hod. When plea­santly com­bi­ned and ba­lan­ced with the wi­ne’s cha­rac­te­ris­tics –the gra­pe va­riety and the wi­ne­ma­king met­hod play a lea­ding ro­le in this- suc­cess is gua­ran­teed at any ra­te.

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