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The ma­king and mar­ke­ting of dairy pro­ducts and de­ri­va­ti­ves based on high qua­lity soy have been the daily task of Em­pre­sa de Pro­duc­tos Lác­teos de Hol­guín for over 40 years. This com­pany stock­pi­les, dis­tri­bu­tes and pro­du­ces milk for chil­dren, as well as yo­gurt, ice creams and so­me va­rie­ties of chee­se, mainly fo­cu­sed on subs­ti­tu­ting im­ports. Moreover, it de­ve­lops new pro­ducts for different mar­kets and re­qui­re­ments, with fast, ef­fi­cient, sta­ble and sa­fe dis­tri­bu­tion.

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