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Eli­mi­na­ting ca­lo­ric pro­ducts, with su­gar or fat, from our diet is a deep-roo­ted de­ci­sion in the gastronomy realm and it al­so in­clu­des cock­tails. The ent­hu­siasts of this new healthy trend are evol­ving th­rough ori­gi­nal proposals, va­ria­tions of re­ci­pes or an­cient ha­bits. “Mock­tails” or si­mu­la­ted cock­tails are one of them, which do not in­clu­de al­cohol, but in­tro­du­ce such su­per food as chia seeds, spi­ru­li­na sea­weed or acai be­rries, fruits, ve­ge­ta­bles, among ot­her ingredients.

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