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Out of all the sen­sa­tions we per­cei­ve when drin­king wi­ne, the­re is one that di­rectly and ins­tan­ta­neo­usly goes up to our brain: the smell. Hu­man beings can sto­re plea­sant smells in their me­mory for 5-10 years. That is why, when fee­ling the sa­me aro­ma in a wi­ne, we are ca­pa­ble of re­ca­lling our child­hood, so­me trip, a country or per­so­nal lo­ve sto­ries.

On­ce it is in the mouth, such phy­si­cal sen­sa­tions as tas­te and touch are trig­ge­red. So, the wi­ne-tong in­ter­ac­tion puts the main four as­pects to the test: sweet, salty, acid/sour and bit­ter, which are lin­ked to se­ve­ral ap­ti­tu­des and fee­lings.

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