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What ma­kes so­me wi­ne be so spe­cial? Is it the soil, stock or man­kind? Alt­hough the te­rroir is an in­dis­pen­sa­ble ele­ment for the be­ve­ra­ge’s iden­tity and the vi­ne va­riety de­fi­nes the work to be do­ne, eno­lo­gists are the ones to outli­ne that jour­ney that be­gan back in the land.

Their fun­ctions and de­ci­sions ha­ve an im­pact in and out of the wi­nery. That is why they are highly spe­cia­li­zed. Eno­lo­gists are to be ex­perts in sub­jects re­la­ted to the wi­ne ma­king pro­cess and pay at­ten­tion to its tech­ni­cal-sa­ni­tary con­di­tions. Li­ke­wi­se, they are tas­ked with de­sig­ning wi­ne­ries, choo­sing ma­chi­nery and equip­ment, as well as mar­ke­ting, tra­ding and dis­tri­bu­ting.

Ho­we­ver, be­fo­re mas­te­ri­ng the tech­ni­que, they are al­so de­fi­ned by the pas­sion for every de­ve­lop­ment in wi­ne­ries, casks, bottles.

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