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A tra­di­tio­nal drink in eas­tern Cu­ba has ta­ken root among the pre­pa­ra­tions ma­de by the Cu­ban fa­mily to re­cei­ve new­borns: aliñao.

The pre­pa­ra­tion pro­cess be­gins as soon as the wo­man dis­co­vers that she is preg­nant and tells her pa­rents and hus­band about it. The man im­me­dia­tely starts the task of loo­king for the fruits and the li­quor ne­ces­sary to ma­ke the drink. It all be­gins with a sy­rup or brown su­gar to which figs and fig lea­ves are ad­ded. La­ter on, the mix­tu­re is co­oked for a few mi­nu­tes. The fruits are co­oked in­de­pen­dently and pou­red in­to a jug (a 10-li­ter glass bottle). Fi­nally, the boo­ze is ad­ded ac­cor­ding to the desired amounts.

Anot­her tradition lin­ked to aliñao con­sists of bur­ying a bottle, which is pre­ser­ved for fif­teen years and then un­cork to ce­le­bra­te the girl’s co­ming of age when she reaches 15 years old.

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