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The Ha­tuey Bre­wery in San­tia­go de Cu­ba is bran­ching out its cu­rrent li­ne of malts and beers with a couple of new­co­mers: Ca­rib­bean Ice Beer –it’s by far be­co­me its new flags­hip pro­duct-and the Ha­tuey Malt.

If by any chan­ce you drop by the Ca­rib­bean Ca­pi­tal and spa­re your­self a chan­ce to quench the swel­te­ri­ng heat by drin­king Ca­rib­bean Ice, you’d pro­bably re­cog­ni­ze the tas­te of yes­ter­year, the for­mer 12-de­gree Ha­tuey beer, but this ti­me around with mo­re Pilsen malt con­tent that su­rely pro­vi­des an in-bet­ween tas­te of al­coho­lic and bit­ter in­gre­dients.

For its part, the Ha­tuey malt is al­ready bas­king in the li­me­light and fea­tu­ring high ap­pro­val ra­tings. The for­mu­la for ma­king this malt has re­mai­ned un­chan­ged for nearly a cen­tury, boas­ting high con­tents of B vi­ta­mins and Cu­ba’s one-and-only tas­te, the one that can be achie­ved with a toas­ted malt that’s up to par with the most de­man­ding pre­fe­ren­ces.

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