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“A good wi­ne is li­ke a good mo­vie: it lasts for a mo­ment and lea­ves an af­ter­tas­te of glory in your mouth; it is new in each sip and, li­ke mo­vies, it is born and re­born in each fla­vor.”

With cla­rity, ce­le­bra­ted Ita­lian film­ma­ker and screenw­ri­ter Fe­de­ri­co Fe­lli­ni pac­ked in this sen­ten­ce his view on the main reasons that ma­ke wi­ne mo­re than a pro­duct, but rat­her a cul­tu­ral event.

The ver­sa­ti­lity of this drink ma­de from gra­pes trans­cends the pre­pa­ra­tion pro­cess and com­bi­nes a hu­ge amount of ser­vi­ces, ac­ti­vi­ties, he­ri­ta­ges. A wi­ne­ma­king area may lay ba­re the his­tory of a city or re­gion, un­veils tra­di­tions of a te­rri­tory, and even in­te­gra­tes art, ar­cheo­logy, ar­chi­tec­tu­re, lands­ca­ping and bo­tany in a pro­po­sal that re­qui­res shar­pe­ning all the sen­ses.

Many tra­ve­lers seek the­se ex­pe­rien­ces and un­ra­vel for them­sel­ves what it’s li­ke to feel the ma­gic of so­me of the most em­ble­ma­tic wi­nes. Hen­ce, Wi­ne tou­rism is one of the most po­wer­ful op­tions world­wi­de. The re­flec­tion of an ex­clu­si­ve iden­tity when ti­lling the land, even the pe­cu­lia­ri­ties of the vi­ne­yards and wi­ne­ries, stand tall to­day as po­wer­ful mo­ti­va­tions that cap­ti­va­te both ex­perts and ama­teurs.

In this con­text, one of the most im­por­tant events re­la­ted to the world of the vi­ne –it has ins­pi­red this new is­sue of Ex­ce­len­cias Gour­me­tis the In­ter­na­tio­nal Wi­ne Fes­ti­val, at the Ho­tel Na­cio­nal de Cu­ba. On the ce­le­bra­tion of this event in Ha­va­na, we ha­ve co­me up with a dos­sier that de­picts so­me of the top trend­set­ters in the wi­ne­ma­king realm, coupled with the de­ve­lop­ment of enology as a pro­fes­sion and pe­cu­liar ice cream re­ci­pes ma­de with wi­ne, a real eye-ope­ner for des­sert lo­vers.

Our pa­ges are al­so ho­no­red with the pre­sen­ce of Ja­vier Olleros, the chef of Spa­nish Res­tau­rant Cu­ller of Pau. Boas­ting one Mi­che­lin Star and two Rep­sol Suns, he says that his cha­llen­ge is to crea­te nuan­ce-fi­lled tas­ting ex­pe­rien­ces that last fo­re­ver in the pa­tron’s me­mory, ex­pe­rien­ces that turn to the pro­ducts and cu­li­nary he­ri­ta­ge that Ga­li­cia has to of­fer.

With this is­sue, we al­so re­mem­ber the le­gacy of Cu­ban poet Ca­ril­da Oli­ver La­bra, the re­cog­ni­tion of the iden­tity that trans­pi­res in her work and her uni­ver­sal and end­less di­men­sion. Thus, bet­ween sto­ves and vin­ta­ges, we want our readers to ta­ke a clo­ser look at the re­va­lua­tion of the tra­di­tions and all cul­tu­ral roots, from a pers­pec­ti­ve that opens up in the world of the hig­hest hau­te cui­si­ne; one that as Fe­lli­ni puts it, in­vi­tes you to tas­te, just in an ins­tant, the tas­tes that co­me to li­fe in each and every pa­la­te.

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