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The term “ban­quet”, which means “food ea­ten in com­pany”, stems from the noun banc (bank or seat) and co­mes from the ti­mes when the first Ch­ris­tians used to sit on ben­ches to ce­le­bra­te their aga­pes.

In se­ve­ral Old Tes­ta­ment books, the­re are re­fe­ren­ces to the great Baby­lo­nian and Egy­ptian ban­quets, about which He­ro­do­tus (the fat­her of His­tory) wro­te 2,500 years ago. Ho­we­ver, tho­se held in Gre­co-Ro­man ti­mes are the best known for their sco­pe and the dis­play of de­li­ca­cies and si­des­hows, wit­hout re­frai­ning at all in terms of ex­pen­ses or sum­ptuous­ness.

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