Ma­cri pus­hes ahead with dams to en­vi­ron­men­ta­lists’ dis­may

The go­vern­ment this week ap­pro­ved the cons­truc­tion of two hy­dro-elec­tric ins­ta­lla­tions in Pa­ta­go­nia that will res­ha­pe the lo­cal energy mar­ket.But the project’s im­por­tan­ce ex­tends way be­yond this na­tion’s bor­ders — it will de­fi­ne Ar­gen­ti­na’s fu­tu­re re­la­tio


Des­pi­te a le­gal lim­bo that re­mains in pla­ce for now, the Mau­ri­cio Ma­cri ad­mi­nis­tra­tion is see­king to res­tart as soon as pos­si­ble the cons­truc­tion of two con­tro­ver­sial hy­dro-elec­tric dams in Pa- ta­go­nia, pro­jects that ha­ve been wi­dely ques­tio­ned by en­vi­ron­men­tal groups but are seen as a ne­ces­sity if the go­vern­ment is to un­block a grea­ter flow of fi­nan­ces from Chi­na to Ar­gen­ti­na.

The Nés­tor Kirch­ner and Jor­ge Ce­per­nic dams on the San­ta Cruz Ri­ver we­re gi­ven the green light from the na­tio­nal go­vern­ment this week, af­ter the Energy and En­vi­ron­ment Mi­nis­tries of­fi­cially ap­pro­ved the cons­truc­tion of the project af­ter carrying out a pu­blic hea­ring and a new en­vi­ron­men­tal as­sess­ment re­port.

The de­ci­sion lea­ves the ball in the ju­di­cial courts. The Su­pre­me Court pa­raly­sed the cons­truc­tion of the dams in De- cem­ber 2016, as­king the go­vern­ment for a new hea­ring and re­port. Now that both the­se steps ha­ve been com­ple­ted, the Ma­cri ad­mi­nis­tra­tion wants to break th­rough the le­gal obs­ta­cles that re­main and res­tart the project, per­haps even as soon as this month.

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