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Firebrand Coalición Cívica leader Elisa Carrió has also confirmed that she would not run for office in Buenos Aire Province.

Carrió, who had previously floated herself as a unity candidate in the nation’s most-populous district, had sounded out a number of possibilit­ies for a list, including topping a ticket with Buenos Aires City Deputy Mayor Diego Santilli (Rodríguez Larreta preferred her as second).

But the weekend’s news that neuroscien­tist Facundo Manes will be running on the UCR slate, likely against Santilli, meant unity was no longer an option.

“Having failed in the attempt at unity, I renounce any candidacy,” she said in a post on social networks. Manes’ run for office “lacks historical sense,” she added, “and my sacrifice would be useless.”

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