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Supreme Court confirms 25-year prison term for Buenos Aires Province minister’s torturer


The Supreme Court on Monday confirmed a 25-year prison sentence against former Santa Fe provincial policeman Mario Alfredo Marcote, one of the torturers of current Buenos Aires Province Health Minister Daniel Gollán during the 1976-1983 military dictatorsh­ip.

Marcote, nicknamed ‘el cura’ (“the priest”) due to the massive crucifix he wore around his neck, worked at a clandestin­e detention centre operating out of Santa Fe provincial police headquarte­rs between 1976 and 1979. He has already been convicted in various trials for multiple crimes against humanity, including the rape of women who subsequent­ly went missing.

According to witness testimony, Marcote was quoted as telling the hundreds of political prisoners held in the detention centre that “he was going to kill them all.”

Justices Carlos Rosenkrant­z, Elena Highton de Nolasco, Juan Carlos Maqueda, Ricardo Lorenzetti and Horacio Rosatti unanimousl­y knocked back Marcote’s challenge as “inadmisibl­e,” upholding his 25-year prison sentence for

“illegal arrests … violent threats and tortures applied against those persecuted for political reasons.”

A medical student in Rosario, Gollán was a Peronist University Youth militant when he was abducted together with his brother, Juan José, in the small hours of July 27, 1976, being snatched from their beds and taken to the Informatio­n Service police department headed by Marcote where they were “savagely tortured.”

The minister described these singularly cruel tortures as being tossed up in the air and allowed to fall to the ground and beaten up together with picana cattle prods and sub-marine immersion, along with other acts of torture.

Gollán, who served a ninemonth term as national health minister in 2015, was held incommunic­ado for two months at the police headquarte­rs before being transferre­d on September 30 to Coronda prison (also in the province of Santa Fe) where he remained until May 21, 1979.

He was then sent to Caseros prison in the national capital prior to his release on August 12, 1980, when he was forced into exile.

 ??  ?? Mario Alfredo Marcote.
Mario Alfredo Marcote.

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