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Something smells fishy. All of a sudden, vaccinatio­n in La Plata has speeded up. All those who have been looking forward to a second shot of Sputnik, are being summoned daily. I can’t help thinking that this might be a political strategy to please voters, as the PASO primary elections draw near. A thankful vote for taking care of us, for doing exactly what they are supposed to do. In Spanish we say: “Cuando la limosna es grande, hasta el Santo desconfía” – the equivalent in English would be: “Beware of Greeks when they come bearing gifts,” in reference to the large wooden horse Greeks left behind, from which some warriors emerged, opened the gates, let the Army in, and beat the Trojans. Who’s hiding inside the Argentine Trojan horse, I wonder?

Irene Bianchi, Ringuelet, La Plata

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