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Dear Sirs,

P-farcical! Fernández mis-government hoist by their own Sputnik! Explosive article by learned colleague Carlos Pagni in last Thursday’s edition of La Nación, based on a letter sent by one of the government’s leading health experts to the Russian authoritie­s, begging for the prompt despatch of second doses of the Sputnik V vaccine, revealing a shocking lack of planning and coordinati­on of the current anti-covid-19 campaign, and perhaps, much else. Pathetic and P-itiful!!!

Odd political party, the peronistas. Rightwing fascists, pretending to be leftists, when the pinkos are dreadfully out-of-date. Even the Cubans are rebelling against their masters. Haven’t they twigged that the most dyed-in-the-wool capitalist­s are the Chinese and the Russians? Have a heart, fellows, and spare us the blushes!

Viva Cuba Libre!

David Parsons, via email

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