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Health Ministry: Argentina has recorded 29 cases of Delta variant


Argentina’s Health Ministry reported Thursday that so far 29 individual cases of the socalled ‘Delta’ variant of Covid-19 have been recorded on national territory.

All but one of those confirmed as carrying the infection had recently travelled overseas, said officials, to destinatio­ns including the United States, Spain, Holland, Mexico, Montenegro, Panama, France and Venezuela.

The final case, which like the others was identified by testing carried out by the Anlis-malbrán Institute, is an individual with “an epidemiolo­gical link to a traveller,” said the portfolio in a statement.

Of the 28 infected who had a recent history of travel, 32 percent were detected via testing upon arrival to the country (nine cases) and 68 percent (19 cases) tested positive for the Delta variant during a compulsory period of isolation or via the required PCR test at the end of their seven-day obligatory quarantine.

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