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Geraint Evans dis­cov­ers how the flex­i­bil­ity of Pipelinefx’s Qube! helps cre­ate VR con­tent

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How Qube! has helped Psyop cre­ate VR con­tent

the award-win­ning cre­ative agency, Psyop, which has of­fices in New York and LA, has drawn over 600 mil­lion views for its Clash of Clans ads. In part, this is down to its new VR and 360-de­gree con­tent, with Pipelinefx’s ren­der farm man­ager Qube! prov­ing cru­cial.

“One of our big chal­lenges lately has been ren­der­ing 360-de­gree and VR con­tent,” says Andy Jones, Psyop’s head of VFX. “The num­ber of as­sets that need to be loaded is of­ten much larger than for a typ­i­cal shot.” With such a strain on Psyop’s ren­der farm, which can scale up to 500 nodes, an ef­fi­cient man­ager was needed. This is where Pipelinefx’s Qube! comes in.

The ren­der farm man­ager al­lows Psyop to ef­fi­ciently use its re­sources as it pro­duces VR ex­pe­ri­ences along­side tra­di­tional an­i­mated and live-ac­tion projects. “What drew us to Qube! was its open ar­chi­tec­ture,” says Alon Gi­bli, head of pipe­line at Psyop. “Its ex­ten­sive Python API gives us prac­ti­cally un­lim­ited flex­i­bil­ity when it comes to in­te­grat­ing soft­ware with the ren­der farm,” he ex­plains.

That flex­i­bil­ity is cru­cial, as the com­pany tries to marry the di­verse needs of the var­i­ous soft­ware it works with. “We have de­vel­oped tools that rely on Qube!

qube!’s ex­ten­sive python api gives us al­most un­lim­ited flex­i­bil­ity when it comes to in­te­grat­ing soft­ware with the ren­der farm Alon Gi­bli, head of pipe­line, Psyop

to per­form a va­ri­ety of essen­tial pipe­line tasks,” says Alon. “us­ing the con­fig­u­ra­tion op­tions pro­vided, our artists can eas­ily open their ren­dered im­ages in a pipelin­eaware RV ses­sion di­rectly from Qube!’s Wran­glerview,” he ex­plains.

As well as its open ar­chi­tec­ture, Psyop has found Qube! to be par­tic­u­larly good at man­ag­ing work­flow, as the team tend to rely heav­ily on in-batch ren­der­ing rather than gen­er­at­ing stand­alone ar­chives. “The abil­ity to use scripted logic from in­side the ap­pli­ca­tion gives us a lot of con­trol over how data moves through the pipe­line, and helps us avoid file server bot­tle­necks,” says Alan, be­fore prais­ing Qube! on its unique suit­abil­ity. “Although most ren­der man­agers can han­dle these jobs to vary­ing de­grees, Qube! is one of the few that tracks soft­ware in­stances and agenda items in­de­pen­dently.”

This power and flex­i­bil­ity makes Qube! the ideal so­lu­tion for Psyop as it looks to scale its ren­der­ing pipe­line to meet the de­mands of VR and 360-de­gree video. “Ren­der management is a cru­cial task,” says Jean-françois Panis­set, Psyop’s CTO. “We’re very happy for Qube! to take care of it for us, so that we can ded­i­cate our re­sources to solv­ing new tech­ni­cal prob­lems for which so­lu­tions can’t be pur­chased off the shelf.” With Qube! pro­vid­ing the muscle, the emmy-win­ning team at Psyop are free to fo­cus on more VR and 360-de­gree cre­ative con­tent in the fu­ture.

Be­low: For the viewer needs to see in all di­rec­tions, an enor­mous num­ber of pix­els are re­quired

Left: the com­mer­cial hog rider 360° was re­leased in novem­ber 2016 and has over 51 mil­lion views on youtube

Be­low: Cre­at­ing Vr con­tent usu­ally means pro­cess­ing three times more data than tra­di­tional an­i­ma­tion

Far left: Qube!’s ren­der management was cru­cial in cre­at­ing the pop­u­lar Clash of Clans ads

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