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Rico Cil­liers


Zbrush, Blender, Sub­stance Painter, Mar­velous Designer, Cy­cles Ren­derer, Pho­to­shop

Rico Cil­liers is a free­lance 3D artist work­ing in the games and an­i­ma­tion in­dus­try. “I typ­i­cally fo­cus on low-poly or high-poly as­set mod­el­ling and tex­tur­ing,” he adds. His love of char­ac­ters that tell sto­ries pro­vided much of the in­spi­ra­tion for this femme fa­tale.

Ac­cord­ing to Rico, the most no­table part of the process came when cre­at­ing the war­rior’s cloth­ing. “For most of the cloth­ing I used a free Blender plugin cre­ated by Rich Col­burn, which al­lowed me to sim­u­late the folds and wrin­kles in real time through my view­port. The cloth sim is not 100 per cent phys­i­cally ac­cu­rate, but pro­vides a lot of pa­ram­e­ters to al­low for greater artis­tic free­dom.”

It was this part of the process that also proved to be the high­light for Rico: “I re­ally en­joyed com­ing up with all the ma­te­rial and shad­ing ef­fects. It’s very fun to come up with strange and un­usual ma­te­ri­als.”

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